Monday, December 7, 2009

Destination unknown.

What a weekend! Another one for the books...or this blog? Maybe.

I will say that Friday night was infinite amounts of fun with my best friends. I love Amber and Kelly because we are giant goofballs with each other and we can have the best times no matter our surroundings. On Friday our surroundings included a real adult party. As in, a housewarming full of 40+ year olds. We were on our best behavior for the most part, and we even struck up a conversation with a woman who not only had a high-ranking corporate job but also creates conceptual art on the side. Oh, and her band used to open for the Violent Femmes. Whatever. She was fascinating and we talked music, art, and books. I can only hope I'm as cool in twenty years.

After mingling, we escaped to the basement like the adolescents we are and played some Rock Band: Beatles and Rock Band 2. Okay, so actually we kicked off some middle-agers from the game, but we still felt like teenagers. The funny thing about that video game is that you start out with some "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and suddenly it's two hours later and you're failing at drumming a Modest Mouse song because your hand-eye coordination was carried off by that third cup of Guinness an hour ago and the fifth one isn't bringing it back. No matter, we still felt like golden godesses.

Once we decided our wrists and voices could take no more, we came upstairs to find most of the party gone and therefore, the perfect time to start a three-person dance party. Here's how we do it: I put on my iPod playlist from last year's New Year's party and then the three of us start bouncing around the room. We're incorporating the two stairs that go into the hallway, singing into our drinks, and mimicing each others moves until we're fully coordinated as can be at 3 in the morning. When Rancid's "Ruby Soho" comes on, just as we are having a semi-serious conversation, we dance in place, still talking about this important issue, until the chorus comes on and then we split, jump around the room and sing at the top of our lungs, and rejoin to continue the conversation when the song goes back to verse. That kind of mind-sharing coordination you simply can't learn; it's inherent in us three.

At four in the morning, we all tumbled into bed with serious giggle fits. And though I'm twenty-six and married, I'm happy and so very grateful to have such friends that I can be totally and completely myself with, even if that means being silly for an entire night.

Saturday was dreary out, what with the freezing rain, so I became a hermit for the whole of it.

Yesterday, as I'm sure you've heard by now, Weezer's lead singer, Rivers Cuomo was injured in a tour bus crash. Reading about it is incredibly scary, because that's how Jesse and the band travels, and it just adds a little anxiety to all of his travels on the road. Rivers broke a few ribs, and you can read about the ordeal here on Weezer's blog. The injury also means the cancellation of the tour for now, which is a major bumout. The only good news is that I'll be seeing Jesse sometime soon. (Quiet cheering!)

Yesterday wasn't all bad, though, because I got to witness my friend Jim's first improv performance at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater. He did a great job and was straight up hilarious; I definitely felt super proud of my talented friend!! They wouldn't let me take video, though, so BOO.

Afterwards, Kelly and I tried going to the movies, but every single showing of Up in the Air was sold out. We decided to get some dinner and shopping in, and then I went to see Jane Campion's Bright Star, which was as beautiful as all of Campion's films, and full of the soulfulness (and tragedy) I've come to admire from the director as well.

Random fun fact: the jerk on the new season of Scrubs, Cole, is played by James Franco's little brother. I looked him up because he seemed so familiar...

Lastly, I'm not sure if anyone has any questions for me, but I'll have a whole separate post with THIS LINK to a FormSpring box where anybody can anonymously ask any question you'd like of me, and I'll attempt to answer them in a post. A lot of people are doing it on the internets, and some people have asked me to do so as well? I suppose it streamlines it more than asking a question in a comment....feel free to ask anything you've been curious about me at all!

Actually, I have a question for you, too - sometimes I don't blog because I don't have any pictures of my adventures. I feel like I always need a picture to add to my "this is what happened" demonstration. I decided to forgo it in this post, and I'm wondering if that just makes the post less interesting? Will you be less-apt to read a post if I don't post a picture within it? Does the picture really make you read the post? Let me know! Super curious!


  1. The cancelled Weezer/MCS tour means that I don't meet you this week. I need to visit NY soon I think.

  2. That's a tough question. I like it best when the picture furthers the story, so that you need both picture and text to get the whole idea. But I don't necessarily think a post needs a picture. Depends on what the post is about. I have to admit that sometimes when there are pictures, I just look at the pictures and skip the text. (I know, bad, right?)

  3. I read posts with or with out pictures. I like pictures but there are plenty of blogs I read that don't have any and that's fine. I think what turns me off more is really really long posts which you don't do anyways so you have nothing to worry about. Woah this is one long comment!


    I haz a sad.