Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Question 02-06 (Wedding Edition)

What were your favorite bride-blogs when you were planning your wedding?

I actually compiled an entire list of blogs I followed on my Google Reader to send to friends who were starting to plan their own weddings. I won't paste the entire list here, but these were my personal favourites:

Offbeat Bride (non-typical wedding ideas)
Rock 'n' Roll Bride (beautiful non-typical weddings)
Little Winter Bride (the author's own wedding was the most inspiring to mine - I wish I could have had a violet bouquet like hers, but violets aren't in season in August!)
East Side Bride (very cool NY wedding bride)
Bklyn Bride Online (great online wedding info)
Elizabeth Anne Designs (great online wedding info)
Snippet & Ink (love the "inspiration boards" to think of colors and stuff!)

If you want the full list, e-mail me and I'll send it to you.

What are the details on your ring? diamond cut, carat, etc?

I don't know a lot about jewelry at all. Luckily, I have the ring appraisal document to help me answer your question! The platinum ring is in a bezel setting, with 50 small diamonds totaling .5 carats around the edge and down half the side of the ring. The main diamond belonged to Jesse's grandmother, and was cut in the 1850s. It's approximately 1.07 carats and "Old European Cut." It's not perfectly symmetrical because in the 1850s people didn't cut diamonds with machines, but rather by hand and the lighting probably wasn't as bright because it wasn't electrical. I love the ring and the fact that the diamond is so old and has been passed down in Jesse's family!

Cute story: Jesse asked his mother for his grandmother's ring to fashion a ring for me. It had three stones, and the big, middle diamond became the diamond on my ring. Jesse took the two other diamonds and at the same time he commissioned my ring, and asked them to be made into earrings for his mother to wear, which she does.

So...diamond rings...engagement rings...did you pick yours out? Or were you completely surprised on the type Jesse got for you?

I didn't pick out the ring AT ALL. I had no idea that Jesse was going to propose. He had been planning the ring, which he got hand made through Michael C. Fina's on 5th Avenue, since a few months before he proposed. Luckily, Jesse has really good taste and knows my style. I love that the ring looks a bit vintage, but also modern. I love the intricate handiwork on the sides of the ring and the bezel setting.

My wedding band is simply that: a platinum wedding band with no stones in it that sits right next to the big diamond. I've got enough flash on my hand, so I didn't want more for the wedding band. I really love the small ring, too.

Also, HOW DID HE PROPOSE!? I'm sure I might have read this in a previous post, but I don't remember.

You did read this in a previous post! I wrote it up a few days after the deed! Read it HERE.

I have to plan a wedding. Please tell how to get out of this misery because I am a guy. I don't experience fun in doing these kind of things. I know, sounds very hetero normative.

To each their own when it comes to wedding planning! I wouldn't know how to get out of it, though Jesse was able to go out and record an album to escape any tasks. Just kidding! Jesse actually helped a whole lot and really wanted to be a part of every decision. From colors to food to music, he was a part of everything. He also handled all the details of the Honeymoon, which was a great relief to me.

Hm, but in an attempt to answer your question... I think the best way to get out of wedding planning is to hire your bride a wedding planner. She'll have someone to discuss decisions with and take on a lot of the work, which you would normally have to do. It'll cost you, though! And perhaps be a disappointment for your bride. If there's anything you think you can handle (music, food, etc. decisions) - take it on and be the good guy.

(More answers coming, and you can keep asking, too! Ask me anything!)


  1. aw jessica thank you so much for listing EAD as one of your favorites! i'm blushing!

  2. Aww I love this!! Also I'm not getting married but those sites are amazing. I'm gushing over all those weddings (as I did to yours!).