Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Questions 33-37 (My Friends Rule)

Here are some questions I got about friends...and I'm sure some are actually from the friends in question.

How did you and Erica meet?

Erica went to school at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and was friends with a bunch of people that grew up with my ex-boyfriend, Steve. I believe it was the summer before my senior year of college and Steve and I went to a party at his friend Nick's place, where Erica also lived. There, we met, played flip cup til the wee hours, and became fast friends. When I moved there the following summer after graduation, we hung out a ton more!

CIRCA 2005:

What is your favorite part of living with Erica Dagley?

When we're watching trash tv, Erica and I usually have the same exact thought on the couch and say it aloud simultaneously. It's like the fibers of the blue side and red side connect our brains.

Do you have friendships with all the members of Jesse's band?

Sure. I mean, that's what Facebook proves, right? Just kidding. Yeah - they're all good dudes and easy to fall into conversation with. When I visit Jesse on the road, being in a tiny front lounge with everybody on the bus kind of facilitates the whole getting-to-know-eachother process. They've all been part of Jesse's life for the better part of the past decade - a family, if you will - and so it's always like hanging with friends. Plus, their own plus ones are pretty rad, too.

But that Matt Taylor dude, man, what a jerk.

Describe why Amber (Bamala, Bambo, Bams, Bambi) is your most favorite friend. Examples please.

Okay, only Amber would know all of her own nicknames, so HIYA Amber! You're my most favourite friend because we bonded over such activities as "playing dead at parties" and "Jessica drives while Amber moons people" and "feminism" together.

CIRCA 2003:

(Here's us playing dead - yes, Amber's legs were in the air. We weren't too technical.)

And I got this comment from an anonymous friend the day of the holiday party:

How awesome is this party gonna be?... I know it's 4 years strong. but this is my first... I'm gonna rage it

Later that night:

Jon Cheese: Yeah, so, I hear this party is four year strong?
Me (lightbulb): IT WAS YOUUUUUU!!!!
Jon Cheese: OH MAN! Crap! I wasn't going to say anything!!

I win.


  1. BAAAHAHAHA! I like how intensely I am holding you in the first pic as you give the camera a death stare.

    Also note: When I met "Steve's girlfriend Jessica" I was skeptical at first, as all good girl friends of dudes should be. Then I found out that Jessica liked Motion City Soundtrack and Head Automatica, which no girl I knew at the time did. I instantly decided that she was super cool because her music taste was spot on and we must become better friends. Seriously it was THOSE TWO bands who made me ask her to hang out without Steve….so basically…no MCS, no Erica and Jessica…………and if there is no Erica and Jessica….Erica doesn’t drag Jessica to Black and White every week in 2006&07…and if that doesn’t happen we don’t meet Jesse Johnson.....HOLY SHIT THE WORLD IS CRAZY.

    Damn, maybe THAT'S the story I should have told at your wedding....

  2. ohhh man this is my favorite post so far i think.