Thursday, December 10, 2009

You look like a perfect fit.

Motion City Soundtrack is on the cover of an AP mini-mag to come out on December 22nd! I'll post a picture when I get my hands on an actual copy, too. Have you already forgotten that My Dinosaur Life comes out January 19th, 2010?! I didn't think so, but just thought I'd remind you for the 500th time out of a million. (Yes, that means more reminders are to come through January.) Click the pic for a high-resolution version.

Isn't this photo awesome? It's one of the better band photos I've seen recently, and I'm being completely unbiased here. Band photos can be so ho-hum and boring or too photoshopped (see: almost every other AP cover). Since the Weezer tour got cancelled, the dudes are recording a song in New York right now, which is great since I get to see Jesse! But, alas, our three days come to an end as he leaves for LA tomorrow to do some filming... That's fine though because next week I'm going to CHICAGO to see him as well as hang with friends as well as see MCS perform their albums!! Anybody else going? Who's going to be jumping around with me?!

Other thing that is awesome about the photo: it's the first of these press images where I can see Jesse's wedding ring. BARFTIME ALERT. But seriously, it made me smile. Like way.

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