Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And my heart is pounding brightly.

I know you said that your job really has nothing to do with your degree/ major do you ever wish you were doing something more related to them? Do you plan on finding something more directly related in the future?

Ohio Lurker

I often think about this - the fact that I feel like I'm letting that journalism degree rust away. However, at the same time I'm definitely happy in my job (satisfied, fulfilled, etc.) and it's not exactly the best time to be looking for a new job, especially one in a different industry - and one that's dying. When I first started this job I freelance wrote and edited for a women's website, but that site failed and I didn't have any leads on other freelance jobs I could take while keeping my 9-5. I do hope to broaden the scope of my writing beyond this blog, and yes, I have a plan for it.

Jessica - this is not a question, but more of a...story? Something Like that. The way I found your blog is weird and I thought you should hear about it. In early 2007 I was clicking around on buzznet, looking for MCS pictures, when I found your account. I saw pictures of Jesse, I don't think you had been dating at that point, but as time went on I would go back and look at your pictures. What I'm saying is, I watched your relationship with Jesse grow and would read your blogs and live vicariously through your words. Then you got married. I felt so lucky to watch this relationship grow, even though you have no idea who I am and I don't know you in person either. I love your blogs still, I check back in every once in a while. It's awesome. Keep going!

Ohhhhh MAN! I just did a quick glance at my Buzznet - I check in every once in a while, but it doesn't work too well on my work computer. But I found some of those pictures you probably saw! Taken with my way-awful Sidekick3 camera ----

We were not dating here. But this is the night I called second dibs.

I believe this one was taken the first week we were officially dating.

Thanks for following along, dear reader! I remember I got my Sidekick3 the week before I started hanging out with Jesse, so snippets of our burgeoning relationship was catalogued, which is kind of cool. It's fun to learn people have been following along on the ride!

Random question, how tall are you?

I'm between 5'5'' and 5'6''!

Ask my anything.


  1. BAHAHAHA I LOVE that 2nd picture. (no big deal, I took it, whatever I rule.)

  2. The pics of you and Jesse are so cute!

    And it's funny how you picture someone in your head, because when you said what height you were I was thinking "I thought she was smaller than that!"

  3. love that headline lyric.
    love that SONG!

  4. im 5´8
    by the way, how often do you get mistaken for Lea Michele?? Everytime i watch glee i think of you