Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'll send the weak ends down the drain.

I originally planned to update over the weekend, seeing as Liz and Meredith were visiting and I imagined a downtime or two in which we would take photobooth pictures and post silly things since we really are bloggin' friends.

However, it was hard to stop all the fun being had and relax - we were on the go each day of the weekend, with maybe an hour or two spent in the apartment besides sleep!

On Friday, Liz and Meredith made it to New York after a crazy afternoon of cancelled bus tickets and impending inclement weather in Philadelphia. However, we figured it out and they made it by train to Penn Station, where I picked them up and we instantly hugged and squealed. (Okay, maybe only I squealed - I wouldn't want to embarrass anybody but myself here!).

In these situations, you become acutely aware of how you might come across on your blog and how that differs in real life. For starters, you can't tell from my writing here that I am a particularly fast walker, especially in crowded areas in New York. Like Penn Station. And no matter how much I explain the "fast pace" of New York life, I probably forget to mention that I also up the ante in my own way. So, in my need to get out of Penn Station stat, Liz and Meredith followed me and dodged others with me on the way to the subway. They probably did that all weekend in certain crowded areas, so I'd just like to thank them for bearing with my pace!

When we got back to my apartment in Brooklyn, we went to my favourite neighborhood eatery/hangout/bar, Life Cafe, with Erica and Tyler and downed some Long Islands while conversing about everything. We returned to the apartment well-liquored and ready to sleep for the next day.

Which, by the way, included manicures - obviously!

I took them to my favourite mani/pedi salon, Lulu's, where a manicure is under ten bucks. We all love Essie colors, so Meredith went with Mint Candy Apple, Liz went with Looking for Love, and I went with my latest Essie purchase, Chinchilly!

I picked up Chinchilly on Friday (along with two other colors, eep! Issues!) because I was digging some ladies sporting the taupe shade lately, and I also got this little collage from Who What Wear in my inbox, and I wanted to try it out for myself -

Verdict? I love it. It's a classy neutral and I feel a bit sophisticated!

We then went to Top Shop, a store I'd never deigned to wander in due to its popularity and high traffic (remember when I said that thing about crowds?). Well, Saturday the place wasn't too bad and we got to wander. Honestly, I was unimpressed. There were a few standout pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe, but not at the price for the quality. Disappointment!

However, Amber joined us afterwards and dragged us to the first place that served food because she was starving. We ended up in an Asian pub. As in, Asian food in an Irish bar. Strange, indeed. The drinks were cheap and strong, and the food was rather bland, but we laughed about it for the majority of the time. Amber decided she needed us to forgive her for taking us there, so we went to the best cupcake place in the city, Crumbs! After downing our delectable desserts...

...We headed to a place in Manhattan I've heard much about, but never made plans to visit until that day: The Museum of Sex. Funny, informative, and wacky - I don't know what we expected, but we sure had fun! And we learned a lot. As in, there are people out there who are really into popping balloons. Just big ol' regular balloons. They like popping them. They really like it. Who knew?! We didn't.

That night, I took the ladies and a few friends to Kate's Joint, a great vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the East Village. We gobbled up the goods and readied ourselves for the rest of the night, because we were seeing Quentin Tarantino's classic, Reservoir Dogs at midnight on the big screen! So, coffee plus Baileys it was!

And we managed to stay awake through most of the movie and trudged through the apartment door at 3am, Liz and Meredith reaching for the futon and couch respectively and me to my bed. The girls had to leave early this morning in order to make their train back to Philadelphia, and it was sad to see them go! I truly had a great weekend and I can't wait for our next weekend of escapades which, as I made sure to tell Liz, will include many more pictures and probably a rocking-out-in-the-mirror moment to our most recently loved pop punk song.



  1. Fun!!! Love the nail colors ladies!

  2. I DEFINITELY squealed a little bit when I fist saw you. I didn't expect you to be a fast walker, but I did expect you to have a lot of energy, so I guess those things go well together. Also, the whole time I was wondering if I came across the way I do in my blog. We never discussed it.

    ANYWAY, I want my next nail color to be the taupe AND I can't wait to hang with you again!

  3. Now I really want a manicure and a cupcake hahahah This post is inspiring me to make a night of trying things within walking distance of my house. There are a bunch of restaurants, bars and galleries I have yet to visit.

  4. Those nail colours are fab!

    Totally with you on Top Shop - I loved the store when I was younger and back then I can understand why people overseas raved about how good it was, but it's gone way downhill in recent years. Shame they didn't take Top Shop to the states back when it was GOOD...

  5. I'm a very fast walker and I think it's due to city living and my mother being a fast walker. I always had to keep up.

    Sounds like a pretty great girls weekend!

  6. This posting made me want chocolate easter eggs all over again...

  7. Oh Bloggie Meet-ups so fun. Glad you ladies had an awesome time. Dig the nails.