Friday, February 26, 2010

Picking up what's left of me to sing together.

There's a foot of snow outside...and I'm at work!

My commute to the subway this morning:

Yes, they also left a dumpster in my way to make this morning even more fun! It's better than the slush of yesterday, however. And there was a lot less people on the train, considering that most people got a snow day!

I'm looking forward to my final weekend home before Japan. Tonight I plan on near-completing my packing. Tomorrow I'm getting a mani/pedi with Amber & Erica at our fave place in order to prepare my "jet-setter" look for next week (could Mint Candy Apple make another appearance?!) and then I'm seeing Shutter Island! I love a good suspense thriller - they seem rare these days (too much shock horror) and Scorcese is a master!

On Sunday, I plan to celebrate the birth of one of my best friends, Kells, and eat a lot. Then any last-minute errands I need for the trip! I am a checklist maniac. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

Before I leave I will be posting my thoughts on the Academy Awards nominations - who will win/who should win and whatnot. Since I'll be out of the country! Wakuwaku suru!

Jesse's in Adelaide today (or should I say tomorrow?) and we got to video chat this morning before work (and before his sleep!). What's so weird is that Adelaide is half an hour off from each time zone - I didn't know such places existed. Right now it's 11am. In Adelaide it's 2:30am (tomorrow!). Anyway, the world is mysterious and I feel rather lucky to be able to talk to him so often when he's literally on the other side of the earth. In a few more days, we'll be reunited again. It will have been a MONTH since we saw each other last on February 3rd. A MONTH. Holy majoly.

So what's up with your weekend?


  1. Boston keeps getting missed by this snow. It all melted and it's been all rain.

    I really liked Shutter Island because it really is about the suspense and the mystery, not blood and gore. The ending is great. I won't say anything else but I hope you like it.

  2. Insanity! It snowed here too, but we didn't get that much!!! I can't even watch the previews for Shutter Island.. I vote it Shudder Island. It would be nightmare city for me.

    Did you see the giveaway I am hosting this week? It has your name written ALL OVER IT!!


  3. I hate snow with a passion but I do love that "perfect, not stepped on" look of the snow in your photo. As for my weekend . . . I'm doing nothing. Blissful nothingness and sleep is exactly what I need after a tiring month!

  4. I PAINTED MY NAILS MINT CANDY APPLE TODAY! That color is so great.

    Can't wait to hear what you think of Shutter Island. I've heard mixed reviews.

    This weekend I am doing nothing thrilling. Avoiding the cold, getting a haircut (maybe full bangs?) and hanging with my bffs.

  5. That snow has wreaked havoc here at '24'! I was trying to fly one of our directors out there to scout and shoot with our VFX guys, but all of his flights have been cancelled one after another. I showed him this picture so he could see what he was missing. :)

  6. Shutter Island was GREAT I LOVED of those movies I'd love to see a second time.