Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Failure to get wright.

Recently, four wonderful friends (Jaime, Gaby, Cara, Amber) and I decided we wanted to go see a cheesy romantic comedy. We walked past all the girls in the theater lobby sporting stilettos and Sex and the City tees (really, ladies?) and went for the Queen Latifah/Common offering of Just Wright.

Here are some thoughts on our experience:
  • How was Paula Patton so good in Precious and so awful in this?
  • I usually hate people who talk during a screening - except when a movie is completely laughable, like this one. There was much yelling at the screen.
  • One particularly amazing moment of loud reactions: as Latifah's character is explaining to her father that she's single and getting older, she says, "Dad, I'm 35-years-old..." as they delve into a serious conversation about marriage. Upon Latifah saying this line, a girl behind us goes, "OH MY GOD." To the fact that she was 35. And single. We all burst into laughter so hard, Jaime was snorting.
  • Common should stick to not acting.
  • Is this movie over yet?
  • I don't buy Pam Grier as a girly mother who wants to marry off her daughter. Nope.
  • Queen Latifah? Pretty, pretty good. Love a strong headed, uncompromising lead.
  • No, seriously, why is this movie not over yet?
  • Professional basketball players are awful actors.
There you have it. We really did expect it to be a good movie! More 13 Going on 30 caliber than Failure to Launch - in terms of the RomCom genre, of course. Anybody else torture themselves with a viewing? 


  1. i have free tickets. should i even bother?

  2. I saw this against my will and I was so glad I didn't have to pay :/ 13 Going on 30 was just the right cheese and comedy though!