Friday, August 13, 2010

Wouldn't it be good if you could stay?

I've unofficially deemed today Jason Schwartzman Day. I listened to Coconut Records on the way into work, because hey, those songs are fun and I like Jason Schwartzman. If you like Jason Schwartzman you should probably go see Scott Pilgrim vs The World this weekend because he's hilarious as an evil-ex and it's definitely the most fun thing you will see this summer.


It's Friday and I'm frazzled from the week and all of its activities. This post will make little to no sense. Ready?

Okay. Last night I met up with Awesome Blogger Zan and we concluded the following things:

1. While some people may differ on whether they liked Inception or not, the fact remains: everybody has had a conversation about it after they've seen it. Some people are still talking about it (like us!) and I think that's enough for it to be deemed worthwhile.

2. Friday Night Lights is the best television show. Season 4 just ended, and Zan and I agree it was the best season yet. It feels like its own little world, a neighborhood you live in occasionally. Zan and I SHARE the memories of Coach, Saracen, Julie, Tami, Riggins, etc. They are our friends. I mean...anybody who watches that show feels the same way, right?

3. At the other end of the stick, Entourage is still on television and also, do people still watch it?! It's THE WORST. Zan caught a minute or two of this season and shared her horrifying experience with me. If you still watch Entourage, tell me WHY. I can't fathom why anyone would still think that show is worthwhile or watchable, and I used to love it.

Here is Awesome Blogger Zan and her lovely eyelashes:

She doesn't use this mascara product.

After three Shanghai cocktails, I headed downtown to meet up with the husband and a couple of friends to see Chris Hardwick, he of Web Soup and Singled Out fame, do some stand up comedy. True to form, it was hilarious, and because Jesse has met Chris before, we talked to him for a while after the show. About many nerdy things. And I told him I'd need a picture with him, and after three he finally approved this one (celebrities!) -

If you live in New York, or anywhere, you should check out his stand-up (& Nerdist podcast!). It gave me stomach pains, in a good way. And I yelled "Singled Out!" when he mentioned he got stopped on the street in the 90s. Dude, I don't think I missed an episode of Singled Out. Also, I totally remember how it was used in Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion when they were trying to get boyfriends and they were too old for MTV. File under: things that shouldn't take up room in my brain but they DO.

Then we ended the night at another bar where there were a bunch of Frenchies, a Japanese guy, a French guy that looked like Daniel Faraday from LOST and a bartender that looked like Sayid. No lie. Amber, Kelly, Tyler were there - the best ones, the normies. Oh, and these people.

All in all it was quite a night, and while some of the guys were "talking shop" I got another level to three stars on Angry Birds. Slowly but surely all those levels will have three stars.

And now my final question: who else loves Jason Schwartzman?


  1. Me! Phantom Planet?! Coconut Records!? Love! Not to mention the brilliant movies he has been in.

    I might need to blog about it unofficially being Jason Schwartzman day!

  2. Ahhh Friday Night Lights! I'm going to have to rewatch all the previous seasons because I can't go that long without seeing it.

  3. Tony and I saw him and his weird mustache at the movies a few weeks ago! He was going to the Joan Rivers documentary (which is really great) and we were going to Winnebago Man. That's the end of my exciting story.

  4. I want to put "Awesome Blogger Zan" on my business cards.

  5. Um, how about who else loves Chris Hardwick? This girl! I went to a piano bar with friends last night and one of the pianists looked like Chris Hardwick from the Singled Out-era, it was great. Josh Cain introduced me to Chris briefly when were in LA on the Dino tour, great moment in my life.

  6. I LOVED Singled Out and now I love G4. Tell Chris Hardwick I said hi! Haha. And I just saw Jason Schwartzman in Scott Pilgrim and he was great! I'm posting on it later.

  7. Heartily agree with 2&3. I cannot WAIT until FNL comes back. And I gave up on Entourage LONG ago. How did you last so long?

  8. I do! I love Jason Schwartzman! And Friday Night Lights. I just recently discovered it, but OH, what a discovery.

  9. Ooh, my love for tiny Schwartzman goes back to 1999 or 2000 when I met him and he complimented me on my boots, which made me about 3 inches taller than him. He is wee and adorable and Phantom Planet hasn't been the same without him.

    I'm totes jealous that you met Chris Hardwick. I adore the Nerdist podcast, and think he's generally a hilarious dude.

    And I have to totally agree with you about FNL and Entourage. You took the thoughts right out of my head. Braintwins! I'm sad that the next season is the last; I hope we see the return of the faves: Seracen (my favorite character possibly ever), Jason Street and his chipmunk cheeks, and the ever lovely Tyra. I'd even welcome another visit from Lyla.