Monday, October 18, 2010

And you'll ask yourself.

I am never really alone. I enjoy constantly being surrounded by my friends, the city, the noises, the smells. Of course, there's always room for alone time when needed, but sometimes after a scary movie, you're at home by yourself having just said goodbye to your friends and you grab the cat as you head to bed and you're lying there with the lights off and trying not to think of things like Bloody Mary because you catch a glint of the mirror in the room - sometimes then alone time isn't all that fun.

But let's not talk about my Saturday night.

On Friday, Erica, Kelly, and Amber joined Sam and I for a Ladies Evening (also known as "Girls Night"). We cooked, we feasted, we wined. The conversation grew louder and the theme of the night quickly became "fake gagging," as we told each other gross-out stories and pulled up grotesque pictures on our phones. Like we ladies do.

My weekend also included a book club meeting and debating opinions as we are halfway through this book, as well as getting a new countertop thanks to Jim's parents (total kitchen makeover coming soon!), many couch-movies, a bit of football with fun friends (some from far away), and a five-mile walk through Central Park for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Donation is still open if you'd like to give to the team! I also walked and donated a couple of weeks ago for my employer's breast cancer walk, and it's been nice to see all the awareness being raised in the media and nearly everywhere I look this month.

How was your weekend?

PS [Edit] allusions I made previously to a contest have been deleted because I don't think I'll be able to hold it tomorrow, something came up. Perhaps later this week or next. Thank you.


  1. i've participated in lots of fake laughing (which always leads to a crazy amount of real laughing), but never fake gagging. sounds pretty funny.

    p.s. what did you eat? that picture is making me hungry!

  2. My husband used to travel a lot for work and I was completely unable to watch Criminal Minds during his business trips. I would get so tense while watching the show and then I'd convince myself I was about to be murdered. I sleep better when I watch scary stuff with a partner is what I'm saying.