Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top Albums of 2010

For the past three years, I've ended the year by recounting my top ten albums. However, this year, for the most part, I've oddly gone ghost on music. Nothing really grabbed a hold of me. I tried listening to Mumford and Sons but it just made me want to listen to The Avett I did. I tried listening to Best Coast but it just made me want to listen to She & I did. I didn't listen to many new albums more than once or twice, and so I feel like I didn't put a lot of effort into music this year.

Of course, you know, I did have a few albums I became obsessed over. And so, I can only give you but five albums I would present as my favourites of 2010.

 Motion City Soundtrack / My Dinosaur Life

I can still play this on repeat without getting bored. That's basically what I did for several shows this year to see the husband - each time, so excited to hear all the songs!

A Great Big Pile of Leaves / Have You Seen My Pre-Frontal Cortex?

I wish exciting new bands like this were more frequent; I honestly can't remember the last time I was so stoked on a new band. Probably not since college. Which was ten years ago, people. Check them out NOW. Also because their album is currently FREE on their site. Exactly.

She & Him / Volume Two

Obsessed. You could probably tell by the fact that this year alone I saw them live four times. Whatever. I could sing along to Zooey and M. Ward forever and ever.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals / III/IV

This, I've been listening to for the past few weeks on repeat. It's so much FUN! Sometimes Adams & The Cardinals can be a bit "downer" in sound, which I enjoy too, but I find myself smiling when I listen to this.

Various / The Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack

Yes, a soundtrack. But a soundtrack that contains diddies by Beck and Metric. And two-second long songs with titles like "We Hate You Please Die." I also totally love Sex Bob-omb's "Garbage Truck."

Three other albums I remembered I enjoyed for a while:

The National / High Violet (This one actually should probably be above, I love it.)
Jimmy Eat World / Invented
Empires / Bang

And while there were few moments that music really dazzled me this year (but when I love something, you know I LOVE IT A LOT) - I definitely paid attention to film. Tomorrow, stay tuned for my favourite films of 2010.

What were some of your best albums? Anything you think I'd like that I might not have heard? I think AGBPOL totally ruined my palette because now I want every album I listen to to be innovative and creative and fun and awesome. Thanks, dudes.


  1. I'm going to have to get the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.

    AGREED ABOUT AGBPOL'S! Their album was so good, most others didn't live up.

  2. hey man, its ur blog again!

    im obsessing over sleigh bells right now, they rock. not sure if theyre something you'd be into, but if you want innovative and fun--def check them out!