Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I sent it via pantomime.

I suppose the overall point of this place is to write about my life. Even when not much happens. Can I write it in a way to make it at all interesting? Worth a go, I suppose. The past three days? Let me report: things have been extremely busy at work.

But also.

On Monday I found myself drinking coffee at 3pm. This happens after spending Sunday watching two high-stakes football games with friends and clinking beer bottles together in good cheer...and then watching the entirety of the Golden Globes. Lethargy can be genuinely tiring, I've concluded.

I had to stay a bit late on at work, and Jesse went off to meet some friends for 'all you can eat' BBQ. Since I usually can't eat much more than one helping and I despise coming home smelling like a restaurant, I decided to spend the evening catching up on American Horror Story. It was a good choice.

Jesse came home smelling like fragrant meat, and I crawled into bed with Pee Wee for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately Jesse also crawled in bed, smelling as he did, and proceeded to complain about how full he was and how he ate far too much. Go figure, more reasons to dislike all you can eat BBQ. And you never know what his full beard might bring home, either.

Last night I also had to work late, and when I came home Jesse and I went to our favorite local restaurant for dinner. We're regulars and we love it. To demonstrate my earlier professed aversion to smelling like restaurants, when we go to this restaurant (which has become more fragrant since they remodeled a few months ago) I wear my 'old' winter coat instead of my 'new' beloved winter coat. Because smelling like food the next day on my way to work makes me feel like barfing.

Still with me?

We watched The Mindy Project which is probably my favorite new sitcom of the season. Jesse even admits he enjoyed it, too. Pee Wee's opinion is unknown.

Today I had about five bajillion meetings (estimated figure) and though I've been trying to figure out a good time to see Lincoln or Flight, I knew Jesse had his heart on seeing Django Unchained. He hasn't seen it yet because when I bought my ticket to see it a few weeks ago as part of a Les Miserables double feature, Jesse joined for the later movie and it was by then sold out. So I conceded to see it again, because it's a good flick.

I liked it just as well the second time around, but I noticed the jarring editing and oddities even more than the first time. However, I didn't cover my eyes as much during the violent parts. Great performances like Christoph Waltz's were great to relish in again. Still a good movie, just not great. I think Inglourious Basterds may be Quentin Tarantino's best. Or Pulp Fiction. Those two, at the very least, are better than Django.

One of my favorite things to do is watch a movie I've seen with a person who has not seen it, though. I like knowing what's about to come and seeing if the other person will react to it in a similar way. 'Jesse will laugh out loud at this part,' I thought.

We just got home a half hour ago, caught Jessica Chastain on The Daily Show, and now I sit here writing with Pee Wee on my lap. I'll press 'publish' and then head up to bed to read more of Gillian Flynn's Dark Places before I fall asleep.

Oh, and I'll insert some cool art on this here post and call it a day.

Photos by artist Laurent Chehere for his series Flying Houses.


  1. I know how you feel. I work full time and have a kid, and no one wants to read about how my kid does the exact same things as every kid before him. And then my boss found my blog and wagged his finger at some of the "topic" posts I'd done, so here I am. Blogless. :)

    1. Haha aw, bummer!!! I can't even imagine what topics you would have written about that would have been flagged! Crazy.

      Some people want to read that...and you know who might really want to read that one day? Your kid. Keep a diary if you can't share anything online because of your job... That's the whole point of Zinsser's "The Right to Write" from my last post -- everybody should write about their lives, just not everybody should publish a memoir.

    2. Goddamn ate my post.

      I think I said, that you had a really excellent point. I breathlessly photograph my son every day and those photos are so precious to me. Tonight I ran out of space on my iPhone videotaping him dancing. Before I put him down to bed and he was tickling me I felt myself think how awesome these moments are that he'll never remember we had. Le sigh.

  2. I cannot get into The Mindy Project!

    Also, I feel the same way. I've been working a lot! My co-workers are dull! I see the same people, places and things daily! What to blog about...besides random revelations I have during my commute or how I still am missing the East!

    1. Ah! I cannot believe you can't get into The Mindy Project. I love it more than New Girl. I hardly even watch New Girl anymore. Are people not ready to see somebody with Mindy's personality? She's like Elaine from Seinfeld but the main focus of the show... okay, that may be a stretch but.. The Christmas episode! THE CHRISTMAS EPISODE! "Promise me that if we are still single in five years... we will kill each other." So good.

      Write down everything! That's how I'm going into this year! Hahaha. <3

    2. PS Not everything, obviously. At least not on the internet. Haha.

  3. I don't know what it is about her! She is a bit like Elaine. Way out there AND the main character. I didn't like her book either - something about her just doesn't sit well with me. I didn't watch the Christmas episode, but will go back and watch - with an open mind!