Thursday, March 28, 2013

I fall without my wings.

I tend to save links to interesting stories and e-mail them out to people to discuss based on its topic. Here are some articles I've been reading from the past few weeks...

HELP US CATCH A KILLER by Michelle McNamara (LA Magazine) -- this is the fascinating archiving of a serial killer from the late 70s/early 80s. He raped 50 people and killed 10 in California. He was known as the East Area Rapist then as the Original Night Stalker -- now he is known as The Golden State Killer. The author has been trying to catch the killer for years, because he IS catchable - they have his DNA and he is most likely still alive. I made the mistake of listening to the recordings of the killer's voice as he left a creepy message. VERY SCARY. I've always been interested in serial killer stories, and this one gave me chills.

WE FOUND OUR SON IN THE SUBWAY by Peter Mercurio (The New York Times) -- this may or may not have brought tears to my eyes as I read it at work. Embarassing when your eyes are all red as you head into a meeting... Great story, and I love how it plays out like an epilogue.

THE CRIME OF BLACKNESS: DOROTHY B. HUGHES'S FORGOTTEN NOIR by Christine Smallwood (The New Yorker) -- I read The Expendable Man earlier this year, and it's GREAT. It originally came out in 1963 and to read it now is astounding in light of that year; I urge you to read the book (it's under 300 pages) and then read this article. But if you read this article first you'll definitely want to pick up the book anyway. If you've already read the book... you are awesome.

THE GHOST WRITES BACK by Amy Boesky (The Kenyon Review) -- written by a woman who ghostwrites for Francine Pascals' Sweet Valley High series. I was in love with these books growing up, of course. A bit of a window into something that makes me nostalgiac.

IN WHICH WE REGRET DIVORCING BEN GIBBARD by Cathaleen Qiao Chen (This Recording) -- TR has the best essays and perspectives on pop culture. Whether it be reviews written by 'Dick Cheney' or insightful pieces on a single piece of music, I love that website. Here's something that made me laugh and wonder.

WHY 'OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL' IS A MAJOR STEP BACK FOR WITCHES AND WOMEN by Elizabeth Rappe ( -- perhaps this essay more than any other was the reason why the most recent James Franco movie I've seen was Spring Breakers and not Oz. I had higher hopes for Sam Raimi. At least, higher than Harmony Korine, right? Has anybody seen this and liked it?

Speaking of Spring Breakers, yes I reviewed it. It's definitely a movie I thought I would hate, but I ended up kind of liking it? It's not for everyone and can be interpreted several ways, but I enjoyed it. Read my review and let's discuss. Also, join Letterboxd, let's be friends, and let's discuss movies all the time! It's my favorite thing to debate! Anybody else seen Spring Breakers? Got yer dark tannin' oil? Spring break forever????

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  1. Before I read that article about Oz I wasn't a big fan of the movie. I did not like Oz (the character) at all. He was horrible to everyone and lies to every woman he meets to get what he wants. He hands out these music boxes and makes the girl feel like she's special until they find out that he's been giving every pretty girl music boxes. That's just one example. I'm suppose to root for this guy? No thanks.

    Also Mila Kunis was not right for her part and wearing leather pants. What?!

    1. I still haven't seen it, and I'm still okay with that!!! Thanks for taking one for the team ;)