Friday, April 26, 2013

My girls can't tell me nothin', I'm gone in the brain.

It's Friday! I expect next week to be extremely busy because of work, and Jesse also returns! So I'm going to relish in this weekend. May is fast approaching, and having realized I didn't see a single movie in theaters during April, I looked at the release schedule and then promptly e-mailed the following to one of my fellow movie-loving friends:
Subject: We must prepare for May.
Because I just looked at the release schedule. And I don't know how you're feeling about certain movies but pretty much every weekend there is a movie I want to see opening:
WEEK ONE: IRON MAN 3 [directed by Shane Black who directed RDJ in my favorite RDJ movie of all time, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang]
WEEK TWO: THE GREAT GATSBY [this could be terrible but also it's Baz and great literature, so I have to see it]
WEEK THREE: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS [no lie, the first star trek was my favorite movie of 2009. I saw it four times in the theater. NO LIE. And this one has Cumberbatch, circling towards my favorite name ever to say a lot. Benedict Cumberbatch.]
WEEK FOUR: BEFORE MIDNIGHT [I mean. Duh. I nearly attempted getting into one of the two screenings this past week at the Tribeca Film Festival, but sadly it did not work out.]
WEEK FIVE: THE EAST [Okay, this was the one stretching because May has five weeks and I had to pick one, but I am highly interested in this indie drama....]
Please let us note Julie Delpy's hair. Celine always had a center part, and she always looked tres French, and her hair is wavy and messy like mine so, further inspiration as discussed in my last post. As in, I wish I was Julie Delpy. (And could pull off messy hair; I definitely "try" a lot.)
And! Clementine.

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