Monday, June 24, 2013

And everytime I try to fly, I fall without my wings.

A few months ago, two ideas intertwined in my mind and I finally witnessed the execution of its combination. Kelly and I were brainstorming about our bestie Erica's bachelorette birthday weekend, and she found a quaint, peaceful, and hip hotel in the Catskills in which to escape to. I decided, based on the surprise of it all, that we should kidnap Erica. I had also just conversed excitedly with the bride-to-be about the movie Spring Breakers. You may remember I was shocked to have liked it so much.

And thus, with Kelly talking about renting a van for the seven ladies, and Spring Breakers on my mind, I figured we should get brightly colored ski-masks with iron-on ice cream cone patches, write a ransom-y note to the bride on where to wait for us, and then pull up to the curb donned in said ski masks, blasting Britney Spears' "Everytime."


Me escorting Erica into the van post-ambush

Maids of Honor viewing the aftermath! Kells + Me
Bride, Jiscilla, Amber, Allison, Perry. Missing: Christy in TX

It's rare for me to find an event that I can blend film fantasy and real life fun, so I was in a state of ultimate glee. I may or may not have jumped out of the car before it had come to a full stop, scared the bejeez out of Erica, while screaming, "Get in the car! SPRING BREAK FOREVER!" I was so happy. Of course, I was also happy that Erica was happy!

[Sidenote: did you know how much time it takes to construct a ransom note from old magazines!? My editing skills came to use that evening, when I thought I'd be taking about an hour and ended up taking about six in order to complete it! Certain obvious words like 'bachelorette' were omitted simply for their length.]

The great thing about our snag with this The Graham & Co. Hotel was that exactly one week after we booked the double suite its proprieters went on some promotional rampage and it was in every Brooklyn-y newsletter or blog in our universe. Erica even sent Kelly a link to the hotel in that time after we'd booked it! The bridesmaids and I felt so clever, and Kelly most of all for having the pre-trend ear to the ground! Apparently it's now booked through the end of October.

So, we lazed by the pool (a preferred Bride activity), walked to town for a delicious pizza dinner, caught an evening bonfire while Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version!) was projected on a big screen, danced around the room into the wee hours of the morning, then ate ice cream made by Jiscilla (Champagne & Key Lime Pie flavors!) and celebrated Erica's 30th birthday!

Here are some other fine things that happened, that probably needn't come with details in order to enjoy purely via photograph:

Upon arrival, busted open the champagne for a picnic! (TG&C gives out Buds to guests at check-in, too!)
Surprises: Erica had little gift bags for US with amazing things inside!!! (Including all the yellow sunglasses!)
Birthday Bride and her awesome tee.
Rufus Putnam cocktails (Bride favorite) & ready for the pool - what else?
The water proved chill
Jiscilla just had to capture my obsessive sunscreening
We walk to town with attitude.


The beautiful bride not as enthusiastic as myself! She's such a joker!
Erica blowing out her "3-0" candles replete with champagne sorbet and ice cream-shaped cookie!!!
Amber and I in usual goof-mode. Maybe one day I'll post the video from this frame.
Time to dance for the birthday girl!
Allison and I did our darndest to show Erica how much we loved her.
You might think Pussy Riot was involved in this, they were not. I forget what song was on...
Amber reclining - Sunday morning found us much more calmer!



  1. are those ice cream pillows??!! They are so cute!

    1. They are blow-up ice cream cones! They are pretty fun...available on Amazon :)

  2. That picture fourth from bottom of you throwing down in a ski mask is absolutely my new favorite. You rock so hard.

    1. Thanks, Zan! I DO rock so hard. SO HARD! At a Catskills Bachelorette party... haha