Friday, June 7, 2013

Judy Pranks 001

I intended to write a post with the goal of summarizing the past month, but it'd be too unwieldy and ultimately uninteresting. Instead I'll write about last night.

One of my best friends of all time is also the most gullible person I've ever met. Let's call her Judy. Her personality is one that always believes the best in people, and related to that, she will believe anything anyone tells her. She loves the unbelievable. You can see why she is the best person on which to prey with practical jokes. Or just jokes, period. She always laughs the hardest, too. She's the best.

Last night, after my weekly viewing of the brilliant show Hannibal, I was checking Twitter and Bryan Fuller (the creator of Hannibal) tweeted out the following photo:

Those are the stars Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, and Eddie Izzard. I noted how it looked like anybody could have taken that photo with their phone and how at ease they all seemed to be. I thought of how Judy had probably just watched Hannibal as well. And thus my prank plan came together. I decided to screencap the photo on my phone, and texted it to Judy. I accompanied it with the message: "Look who I ran into tonight!!!!"

I should mention here that last week we met for happy hour at one of our favorite places in Brooklyn and talked about this show at length; after a couple of margaritas we switched from talking about how wonderful the plotlines and cinematography were to what fine specimens the actors made. Like we do.

Anyway, she responds with: "WHAT???" and "Are you serious?? For what?" -- and because they're in costume I responded, "They're filming a promo in BK!" and that's when my phone rang. It was Judy.

I was laughing uncontrollably at this point. My prank had gone even better than I expected: she was not at all skeptical of the photo (or noticed that they were on set) and she was in fact near tears with the thought that I was hanging out with these actors. She told me as much as I continued to laugh and the realization dawned on her. Her boyfriend even said, "There's no way that she got a picture of them without getting in it herself." True, dude. True. But she believed me anyway, because I'm her best friend.

Best Friend Pranks! Judy Pranks!

I feel like Judy Pranks will be a recurring feature around these parts. She may not even notice, especially with Google Reader going away.

Related: Judy was one of the people I knew had to be sitting next to me when this past episode of Game of Thrones aired. You know what I mean?

Finally: Can we talk about that photo for a second? I love the two main actors from Hannibal mostly because of the a way, I want to pet and protect Hugh Dancy and I'd like to tango with Mads (you can take the definition of tango any way you want). And Eddie Izzard? He's my favorite comedian of all time. Hands down. He may not be going the comedy route with his guest stint on Hannibal, but I still quote his 1998 stand-up show Dress to Kill at least once a month. Hooray! Honestly, Hannibal is besting Mad Men this year... and not just because of the actors!

EDIT: I thought I quoted Eddie Izzard once a month, but I failed to realize I actually quote him at least once a day. One of my favorite phrases, "Geezy Chreezy" is from Dress to Kill. I cannot recommend it enough!!!!

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