Sunday, August 11, 2013


I did that thing again where I wrote several drafts of posts over the last few weeks but failed to complete them and press 'publish.' I'll try to keep this one nice and short and maybe I'll finally execute.

After Warped Tour, I returned home and it took a long time to bounce back. I'm not sure how Jesse was able to do two entire months of that, but I came back exhausted for at least two weeks and I was only out there four days. It's over now, and Jesse flew back last Monday. We celebrated our four year anniversary on Thursday and he was off again for ten days on Friday.

We were both especially grateful to be spending our anniversary together...if he had to fly out a day earlier, we wouldn't have. Originally I took the Friday off from work so we could plan a nice little anniversary trip nearby, but with news that he had to leave again we decided to stay in the city but treat ourselves to a stay at The Ace Hotel. It was a wonderful, grand night that began with popping a bottle of champagne before dinner and ended with us watching Orange is the New Black curled up next to each other. Celebrating anniversaries is my favorite. Just getting to take time to appreciate the relationship, the love, the life we both share proves a worthwhile activity once in a while. You know, basic conclusion: life is pretty great and wow I'm so happy to be spending this great life with this dude.


  1. this is a sweet post and you summed it up perfectly. i feel the same way about my dude, this is a good thing.

  2. Wow four years already! Congrats and to many more :)