Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Notes from today so far:

My mother flew to Panama this week and we've been able to communicate via an iPhone application that texts over WiFi. Previously we've always had to use my dad as a go-between (if he wasn't with her). I'd call Dad and ask how Mom is doing and he'd update her on me on their next scheduled call. I'm glad I'm still able to be grateful for new technologies; sometimes it feels like the world is moving too fast to appreciate these relatively minor kind of advances, and some new technologies can be intimidating or scary.


Mindy Kaling's book gave me a piece of a advice, and now I'm taking it. It's going pretty well, but end-results are still pending. Stay tuned.


Last night I cooked not one, not two, but THREE Pinterest-found recipes. The execution went well, and two out of three had superb results. The third recipe will be tasted tonight and shall determine whether my success in the kitchen was all-encompassing.

Please note: any time I can cook without resulting in a Jessica Thinks She Can Cook installment is successful to ME. Fully proud of my growing abilities in the kitchen.


A double date imminent for this evening: the boys will cook, the ladies will drink wine, and we'll see if my dessert turns out. To be honest, living without much sugar has made me only sweeter.


A lot of my friends are getting sweet, sweet news lately. Is it my turn yet?
Photo by Tim Walker

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