Friday, September 27, 2013


A hasty photograph before getting ready. Sorry for my hair and general face area.

Today is Friday, but yesterday was my Friday - do you see? In a few hours Jesse and I will be getting into our rental car with Adam and some other guy (a groomsman I've yet to meet) for Sam and Jim's wedding this weekend. Jesse's a groomsman and Adam is the officiant. I finally get to go to a wedding I'm not IN! Yay! 

Plus it's in Connecticut at a castle! Castles are cool. I'll most likely be posting to Tumblr because that's what I do when I travel.

As I sit here writing I realize I still have to figure out what I'm wearing to the rehearsal dinner tonight. I'm letting Jesse sleep for now before rummaging in my closet.


Birthday surprises abound all week! My best friend Rick and his lovely girlfriend Sarah had a box of Sprinkles cupcakes delivered to me at work yesterday. I gleefully devoured a couple and shared them throughout the rest of the evening. There's still a couple left...



I shared the cupcakes with Erica and Jaime after work at our favorite nail salon while we got our toes and fingers gussied up for the wedding. Another birthday surprise: Jaime wanted to gift me the experience and said I should pick out something fancy. So I picked Chanel's Peridot to go with my cobalt blue dress so I'm hoping to go for 'mermaid chic' this weekend. Is it gold? Is it green? It all depends. (Yes, above it's decidedly gold.)

I realize only nail polish superfans will understand this, and I'm okay with that.


Last night I also watched Project Runway without Jesse! Sadly he was in the far reaches of Long Island with the rest of the MCS guys doing pre-pro and he walked in right at the final elimination.

I was totally shocked by that last elimination. I mean, it was a terrible dress but I thought she'd make it to NYFW.


Okay time to wake him up and as my dad likes to say, "let's get this show on the road!"

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