Monday, November 18, 2013


Here are some important footnotes from the weekend that Blue is the Warmest Color probably took off my mind...

My brother Travis and my dad went on a The World's End-like pub crawl in my dad's hometown for his birthday. Ultimate bro-down it would seem. During the night (probably towards the end I would gather from the non-photo texts I recieved...) they sent me the following picture:

True to my best friend Kelly's nature, we did our best to recreate it at the housewarming to send back in playful, gentle mocking:

My brother was none too pleased, I quote: "I do not quite understand this photo nor do I approve of it. That is all." Um, bro we're just imitating you. He then texted, "False, we look like studs, not sketchy tools, fact, maybe a little bit tools, but that's not Dad's fault."

There you have it, my brother thinks Kelly and I look like "sketchy tools."


I'm getting a little nervous because I can't find my favorite sweater of all time. Coincidentally, it is also Jesse's least favorite sweater (he doesn't get dolman-style) and I'm wondering if there has been some sort of sinister masterplan at work in the sweater-offseason among our things. I plan on doing a full-out search this evening before the Patriots game.


Here is how Pee Wee has been reading with me of late, with his head buried in my armpit:


Tonight: Go Pats!


  1. Now I understand what was going on. Neither Travis or I understood that your mother sent the first picture. Your brother should not try to be clever after trying to hang with me during a beer drinking experience. Kelly and you are elegant, dare I say posh, representatives of the female of the species who could never be described as alleged. I will counsel your brother.

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for counseling Trav, Dad!!!

    2. and your Dad wins best comment ha ha.