Friday, December 20, 2013


If we had a holiday card, this would probably be the picture used.
The holiday party was another roaring success despite the winter storm that landed in New York that evening. Many people couldn't make it, but all the important people did.

Observing/judging/the usual.

I used Pinterest to inspire this signage for the photobooth and also layered red, green, and white jello shots. At thirty years old, I made my first batch of jello shots. And I got them WRONG. Seriously. I accidentally froze them between layers instead of refridgerated them and the vodka had separated when unfrozen and it was a liquidy mess that at least most people didn't care about and enjoyed because, obviously, free alcohol.


I saw American Hustle the other night and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and also enjoyed its filming locations. The streets of my parent's current town, Worcester, MA, were the setting for most of the Camden, NJ shots. The train station my friend Rick and I used to arrive in Worcester for shows at the Palladium during college was used during a big party scene. And the setting of my walk into work every day in New York was the background for another scene. I was a bit distracted, but I tell you what, Amy Adams was glorious and steals the show. Steals it!


What am I going to wear in Chicago on NYE? The ladies of MCS have all agreed we should dress up... usually at MCS shows we're like "yeah, jeans, ladies, jeans." (Nobody says that.)


Tonight I am seeing Spike Jonze's Her and the rest of the weekend will be putting the finishing touches on gifts for next week and packing up for Massachusetts! I have to work Monday, but I've taken the rest of the year off through New Years and I'm so looking forward to family and fun!

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  1. I can't wait to see HER. It looks really good but I feel like it might make me cry like any good movie should.