Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Yesterday: the heat.

There were two plans and both involved going to the movies and one was reliant on another factor and included the director doing a Q&A and the other was just two ladies getting together for a subversive comedy. First plan devolved and then the second shortly after. I went home to the cats.

The cats were happy to see me and I was unhappy to see their fur coming off their bodies in swaths. The heat! The air was thick not only with humidity but also cat hair.

I made myself comfortable and heated up my leftover Thai food and got up again to crack open that last Crispin cider in the fridge because did I mention it was hot? The humidity was making my hair reach out to there.

The second season of Orange is the New Black continues to prove that there are still many, many stories out there left to be told (let's stop re-hashing the same stuff, right?) and a lot of those untold stories are that of women and people of color. I admired the brilliant unfolding of the fourth episode with Lorna's backstory. It's just full of the kind of storylines and people I don't see in the media much. More of this! More, please, more.

My attempt to stay cool in the apartment were dwindling as my cider evaporated but lucky for me Adam was nearby and he too enjoys cider. I walked into the bar and he already had two ciders waiting. Somebody asked if we were hydrating by drinking pints of water. Oh no, dear friend. This is cider.

After I flopped onto my bed and slept barely in that warmth. The cat wanted to snuggle like most nights but I had to push him away; what are you crazy? I said.

Tonight, my own personal brand of torture: doing laundry.


  1. When I was in Ireland I fell in love with cider. I don't know many people who like it and I cannot for the life of me understand why. Also, I adore Orange is the New Black for the same reasons, and I wish so much that more movies and TV shows would be developed that shine a light on facets of life that are so grossly overlooked.

    1. Cider is the best!!! It's so delicious!!! And doesn't make me feel all heavy like beer does.

  2. I am loving all the back stories on this season. Lorna's was really interesting. I was curious what the deal was with her fiance and well that was not what I was expecting.

    1. Yes, I loved the revelations in Lorna's story! So many great stories this season...