Saturday, January 3, 2015

New York City you're almost gone.

It’s 2015 now, and I live in Los Angeles. I moved here two weeks ago and it’s been a transition of a magnitude I’ve never experienced before—and I grew up moving every two years in a military family. It’s good, though, for the most part (what move isn’t without its downfalls?).

I don’t fear change or adjustment (probably due to aforementioned upbringing), and I’m looking forward to finding my routine in this wild west. Sometimes I feel as though I was physically launched from New York to Los Angeles as if a cartoon, pried loose like a splinter deeply entrenched in Brooklyn and flailed across the miles to land with a few bumps softened by Jesse’s tight embrace in the sunny December heat of the San Fernando valley.

New apartment, new car, but same friends, same job. New office, right in our new home.

It’s been interesting – no, not “interesting,” what a bland word – it’s been odd, magnificent, thrilling, strange, fun, and weird the past couple of weeks in the road to acclimation. Jesse and I have been married for five years (an anniversary celebrated in 2014), but it’s the first time we’ve found ourselves living in a space that’s all our own. New York means roommates. These last two weeks, though, have been a revelation and we’ve reveled in our newfound independence with each other. We’ve even learned a few things about each other in this two-bed, two-bath that were previously undiscovered or indecipherable in that giant loft space (with various roommates over the years). It’s a bit of a rebirth, an enlightening new view of my husband and this relationship. I like it.

There’s still more thoughts on 2014 to come in their usual form: what I consumed in 2014 art-wise and how it fell in rank by year’s end. I’ve been collecting thoughts on New York the Joan Didion way, of course. That goodbye is formulating somewhere in the back of my mind. I’ve had no chance to really sit down and write the past month—that’s what packing and unpacking and organizing and working a day job and flying across the country with a cat and fretting over big money purchases will do to a person. But, I miss it. I mean to continue the writing routine I established last year, starting here, starting now.


  1. Moving is so exciting! We moved in 2014 too, to South Padre Island, because I decided I need to live on the beach. Best decision of my life. :) I've never been to LA, but I hope you love it! Seems like your kind of place, fast paced, and full of undiscovered musicians and wonderfully hopeful screenwriters.

  2. Oh look who just popped up in my feedly :)

    Enjoy sunny LA!