Thursday, May 10, 2007

Few daze.

Can't even quantify Bamboozle. Insanity. Saturday's best set was the Great American Freedom Machine...closely followed by Muse. Closely followed by the Curbside Gang. Sunday's was Monty Are I. So great to see Steve and those Rhode Island people. New Jersey turned out to be fun.

Monday back at work. Great dinner with friends. Jesse got the Frito (Lay) Pie. Seriously.

Tuesday night board games with Jesse and Erica. Always fun with those two.

Yesterday started out awful. Work didn't make things better. But when you have somebody to meet you after work for some mac n cheese, hug you, check out a reading with Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk, run some errands, and then take you out dancing...well, your whole day can turn around.

Danced it up for Dmitry's birthday at Sutra with Erica and Jesse. Saw a few other faves there...

Back at work today. Stoked to sleep in this weekend.

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