Monday, September 17, 2007

Great moments from Fun Week 2007.

  • Walked into JFK Saturday morning a little bit early, and found Maureen wandering around the wing. We were on the same flight! She needed to get her nails done, so we went to an in-airport spa and I got my first massage. It was pretty sweet.
  • I flipped my phone open at the wedding to text Stacy, Diaz's girlfriend, and he got really weirded out.
  • I wanted to dance so badly, but Jesse adamantly refused. Luckily, a girl named Jennifer came off the dance floor twice to drag me onto it, seeing as I was probably looking forlornly at all the shaking booties. Jesse came to his senses and finally danced. I like doing the twist with him and when he spins me on the dance floor.
  • Claudio doing Michael Jackson.
  • Maureen holding one glass of water and one glass of wine - "gotta keep it even so I don't get too out of control!"
  • The french toast at the Triple Rock was...not good, though my eyes feasted upon it.
  • In St. Louis, Jesse made Jason and I watch the FlavaFlav Roast twice in one day.
  • I think I heard Jesse's iPhone schpiel about five millions times. A speech which included, "I can play nintendo games - on my iPhone."
  • Brendan playing Threes.
  • Do like: Del Taco, In-n-Out burgers.
  • Jesse running up to me at the airport: "Tara Reid's over there - you wanna go see her?!" Me: "Ew, no!" Jesse: "I thought you watched her show all the time?" Me = confused: "Tara Reid???" Jesse: "Oh.! Tyra Banks!" Only my boyfriend confuses Tara Reid with TYRA BANKS. [She's tall, skinny, gorgeous - obviously.]
  • Sitting in LAX watching 30 Rock, which I'd bought to watch with Jesse since he hadn't seen it yet, and then Jesse going, "That guy with the hat from the show - he's standing right over there!" Me looking up: "And that's Tina Fey right next to him - WITH HER EMMY WHICH SHE JUST WON LAST NIGHT." Again, my boyfriend needs to sharpen his skills.
  • Another example, Jesse: "I saw a guy I know I've seen in something before...he's tall, rough, a real man's man." Me: "That's it? That's all I have to guess from your description?" After about thirty minutes of 120 questions, Jesse may or may not have seen Christian Bale.
  • At JFK, after our flight on which Tina Fey & her Emmy were on, we were standing next to her at baggage claim when Jesse goes: "Tina Fey has an iPhone, I have an iPhone." Cue eye roll.


  1. If it were up to him, it's would have been at LEAST four or five times. I think he likes Carrot Top myself.

  2. Jesse does need to sharpen his skills.
    lol Tara Reid=Tyra Banks