Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I climb the walls for oxygen.

Yesterday's whirlwind of getting back from the airport at 2 am, waking up at 7 am for work, then off to Best Buy to buy as many copies as I could of Even If It Kills Me, then heading in my heels to the Knitting Factory for Motion City's secret show...nearly made me pass out.

But, like every other time I'm rushing around exhausted, it's usually worth it.

I actually stepped back into my hectic New York life, after the slower paced easiness of the West Coast quite easily. I do love this city, and its pace. It felt good to be on the smelly subway and walking from work to lunch to downtown. And in heels!

I was a little out of place in my plaid pencil skirt, heels, and white oxford button-up at the show, but I still sang and danced and dogdged moshers in the back with Erica.

Backstage, apparently Jesse had told Justin my thoughts on my favorite EIIKM song, "Last Night," and Justin came up to me and goes, "You figured it out! You figured out 'Last Night.'" I obviously revved into usual awkward nerdform and say, "Really? I thought that was it! It's actually my most-played song on my iPod." I am not cool at all. But I was pretty proud of myself for understanding the song and getting confirmation.

It's probably one of my most favorite songs ever. Just saying.

Getting home to curl up with him was my favorite part of the day, of course. He can make exhaustion feel delicious.

Go ahead, barf.

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