Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me !

It's September 18th! Even If It Kills Me finally hits stores!

Motion City Soundtrack has been one of my favorite bands since first witnessing their live show nearly five years ago. During college you could usually find me bouncing around getting ready for class to the pop beats of "The Future Freaks Me Out" on their first release, I Am the Movie. I fell even more in love with their second album, Commit This to Memory, where I found their signature dark themes covered in sugary music from "Make Out Kids" to "Hold Me Down."

Today, their third, and in my opinion, their best, album comes out - Even If It Kills Me. Their progression from IATM to CTTM to EIIKM is seamless: each album has evolved to the next logical level without being predictable or mediocre. It's most definitely MCS, but full of surprises. Like their other albums, Justin Pierre's lyrics are cause for repeat listens ("Last Night"), the synth keeps me jumping on my bed ("Fell In Love Without You"), and the songs were produced by greats Ric Ocasek ("This is for Real") and Adam Schlesinger & Eli Janney ("Antonia"). I can't even go into how much I love this album.

Please buy it today!

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