Monday, October 1, 2007

And I want life in every word.

Smiling Like I Mean It
[songs that make me smile no matter what.]

3. "Clark Gable" - the Postal Service. I had my iPod on shuffle during this harrowing Monday* just as I was walking out of work. Having stayed late and pushing past the tourists surrounding Central Park, the song came on and as soon as those beats started right out of the soft intro, it took me back to the end of my sophomore year of college.

People, places, things triggered by a song...

My classmates and I had a month off to do what was essentially a senior groups. I think it was two am and we piled into Evan "SOLOTRON" Solochek's car (there was seven of us!) at the end of our 45 page report, replete with quotes and appendices about the debate of goverment-sanctioned torture in a ticking time bomb situation. We were all fucking exhausted. We'd been working for a month straight, and we still had to make professional copies of it and defend our argument to a jury of professors. But in those wee hours of the morning, Evan, ever the Death Cab enthusiast, played us something he just got - the Postal Service. Most of us had diverging musical tastes, but we all agreed this was good stuff. We were all just so happy to be done, and the music commemorated the moment.

It's weird, because sometimes I'll listen to the same song and smile for entirely different reasons (hello, it has hand claps and my name is Jessica!), but today, I thought of this.

Hm. This was long. Here's a picture to pacify your shock at the abundance of WORDS.

* seriously, there's a cycle at work that culminates in End-of-Month which is basically one week of overworking hell - as in, my job gets its period.


  1. nice shirt. i think i have one just like it.

  2. awww! your capstone!
    remember the massive party Chris and Evan had? And we both got super drunk? And I passed out at like 11:30pm and before that was going around telling everyone that Evan was mean ... and then the next morning everyone came over (from the group) and had to work on the project and we both had massive hangovers and you gave me a Dashboard Confessional card...oh i miss boston :)

    also, evan read this and said "cute...that was a fun time!"

  3. Of COURSE I remember that. I remember getting some Pepto for us. We were strugglestown because of that bad vodka! Everybody who had any of that did NOT remember the night before.

    Another fond Capstone memory.

    You & Evan need to come back to NY for a longer time!!

  4. i think we are planning a trip to boston in early december and then ny jan or feb. we'll pick a time when you're not super busy :)

    ps; is that the same apartment? do you still live with 2 other girls?

  5. same apartment! same two girls!

    weeeeeeee visits in the new year! i should try to hit up a wisconsin date on a motion city tour next year, too. i can't this winter :(

  6. omg..wisconsin hahahah yes, come if you can. although there isn't that much excitement as new york, but you it would be fun to show you around and experience milwaukee :) plus if motion city is here that means beth will be here so woohoo!

    is jesse flying you to the UK?

  7. no no no...jesse is flying me to minneapolis :)

    um...i'm sure we've been over this, but you know beth? through cara and her warped touring i presume? i always forget who knows who. ha

  8. Cara and Beth went to school together (middle school through high school) and have been best friends since...their families live in the same town so they've known each other for a looooong time. and Cara got into the Warped Tour because Beth started a booth one year and Warped wanted her again the following year, but that's when she started touring with Motion City so Cara took over, etc etc.

  9. haha okay! you've definitely told me that before, but i forgot. sweet!