Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You wish you knew what book.


  1. actually, i know exactly what book this is because it is MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. the time traveler's wife right?!

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE that book (and if i am wrong about the book you are discussing- then you SERIOUSLY need to read the time traveler's wife bc it is so amazing!!!)

  2. correct sabrina!

    don't give away any details; christy's still reading. i thought the same thing about the book and thought she should borrow it immediately!

    i loooooooove it!

  3. you are right, person above...it is the time travelers wife and it is already one of my favorites, even though im only 100 pages into it!

    jessica, i wish you wouldve included my rant about them making it into a movie (also including my rant about loving rachel mcadams). i swear that my one liner at the bottom wasnt the only thing i had to say!

  4. honestly, i wish i could have printed the whole e-mail thread. i think we're THAT funny & interesting.


  5. i'm glad the whole world can finally see how funny i am!


  6. your inadvertent typo-s making my DAY!

    christ = christy

  7. it was not a typo. dont front, i'm just plain funny.