Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is this explosion gonna set me reeling?

Last night was mind-blowingly fun and this is the only picture that I took. Of Becca. Being the creep that she is.

Jeff turned thirty and his loft party was bangin'. Seriously. All the girls came and we met tons of cool people and danced danced danced. Possibly the funnest house party I've been to.

Also, on Friday Kells and I saw "Lars and the Real Girl" and I defy anybody to watch it and not fall in love with Ryan Gosling. I'm talking straight men, too.

This week promises fun to be topped off with him. Back! Conan! Woodies! Shows! Woostah show with my parents! Him him him.



  1. yayyyyyyy! jesse is coming home?!

    i see me boy thursday night i can't wait.. 5 straight days of fun!

  2. did you know the real girls are real? you can buy them i swear

  3. so stoked for thursday!! plus he's going to be on conan and we're going to the woodie awards!

    and yeah, i know about those dolls. HAHA hilarious. but super cute movie, seriously.