Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tonight I'll take what I can get.

Laughing so hard.

I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond tonight and who was in the checkout line in front of me? Carrabba. From Dashboard. Yeah.

I was so awkward and wanted to say hi because I had a million things I could say (remember when we went shopping and grabbed lunch together? Remember when I was quoted in the Boston Globe on a story about you? Remember when you emailed my boyfriend? I'm going to your shows this week. I love your album. I made my boyfriend listen to your album in its entirety. You like the new Motion City album, according to your blog. ETC.)


He was busy carrying bags with his girlfriend and I was paying and ps btw I'm awkward as fuck.

And I passed them on the street again, and I totally heard him say Motion City because I was wearing an MCS hoodie, but again, I did not stop.

Perhaps tomorrow night (or Tuesday night!) I'll see him at the show and strike up a convo. But...probably not.

-- via hip these awkward bones top


  1. Ok, so I gather that you had an encounter with im, but youve actually met him before? Thats pretty stellar. Tell him I say Hi next time, haha.

  2., yeah, we went shopping on Newbury Street and had some lunch at the now closed Sidestreet Cafe (I think that's what the name of it was?) in Boston after one of his shows. Totally shy, nice dude. Seriously.