Friday, November 2, 2007



The one thing that sucked about last night: people smoked at the bar. I think it's been about six years since I've been overcome by smoke in a public place. I remember not wanting to go to a bar because it would necessitate a shower when coming home because my hair would reek and that smell would also be left on my pillow. So last night my awesome new Harajuku Lovers hoodie left with the stank of nicotine and I wished I'd had some Febreze. I STILL smell like smoke this morning because of the close proximity of my hair to my nose and the need to press the snooze button and not shower this morning. Totally gross. Hate smoke!

Moving on - check out Erica's awesome faux glasses we all played with last night.

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  1. i was a cocktail waitress for a couple of months at a cigar bar- and i was so smokey by the end of my shift that i would leave my clothes outside my door overnight. yuck!