Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Friday...

And I'm still at the office. At 6:40 pm. It's depressing.

As I get ready to depart, I will leave you with this hilarious photo (I believe it's an outtake; I hope it is!) of a crowd shot at Dan & Kristy's wedding in September. I don't even know if I should enumerate the many reasons this photo is hilarious.

First: Jesse and I all the way to the left, but somehow prominently featured and GIGANTOUR compared to the people behind us.

Second: Guy peeking head behind Jesse.

Third, and for the win (loss?): MY HEEL STUCK IN THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE'S DRESS. Seriously? Who invited that girl?

But doesn't Kristy look gorgeous? It was a lovely and beautiful wedding. I tried not to ruin that. It was only the second one I'd ever been to! Also, doesn't everybody look like they're having a smashing good time?

PS: You may recognize Dan and some of the other spectators from the band OkGo - they had that Grammy-winning video of the four of them on treadmills.

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