Friday, December 7, 2007

The world won't wait, so I better shake.

The first three-fourths of yesterday was wretched. But all that turns around when you've got fun calling you after work and making it all better.

Also! Kristy was in town and I met up with her and her friends for some hangs. So great! She saw both Jesse and I this week on opposite coasts - a New York girl living in LA. Lex turned 31 and we cheered; she danced. Also, some great stories from Dan, a Broadway director, about hanging out at Edward Norton's apartment with Salma and Kevin Spacey back in the day. Jealous!

Sidenote: I went to Kristy's wedding in September, and I will def be posting a classic picture from it soon.

I love drifting off to sleep and then getting a phone call waking me up just so you can say goodnight. I fall back into my dreams smiling every time.

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