Monday, December 10, 2007

Now is the time.

The weekend lowdown -

Friday: Jet to Chinatown for edamame, sake & Little Women. I'm not kidding. Curbside knows how to enjoy their Friday nights - a little Christian Bale lovin' and Kiki Dunst haterin' (mostly from The Dagger; I like Kirsten). STOLTZ! Also, Decker knowing every freeze frame of the movie. I know every curve of Christian's lips.

Saturday: Ugh, Macy's. Woo, Juno! Seriously might top my year-end movie list (which I should start working on...). Seeing it with The Dagger and Kells, we couldn't believe two lines that occured within seconds of each other "Honest to Blog?!" and "Are you sure it's not a food baby??" - because those hit close to home. Very close to home. Perfectly cast and wonderfully not cheesy. Cera = Kelly's boyfs.

Erica and I made ghetto mimosas and sat on the couch eating chocolate and rocking out to jams ("I get so emotional, baby!") and then we decided we should probably actually do something when we realized it was only 8pm. So we went to a bar around the corner with Jeff. He built our walls. Erica has some sort of club with him - whatever, I'm jealz. Anyway, we played with the juke box, I got Johnny Cash, Erica got some Salt n Pepa, Jeff got The Pixies (I was in such a good mood, I didn't call out him saying Kim Gordon in ref to the Pixies when it's obvs Kim Deal, bro). Then I went home for snuggle phone talks from Utah, while the other two went traipsing around BK for stray kittens all night (OR SO THEY SAY).

Sunday: cleaned in preparation for forthcoming holiday party. Since there was no Patriots game on (LAME JETS) we sat on the couch and watched four hours of the SCI-FI channel's Tinman and two hours of Lauren Conrad's life recorded for television. Brain cells = depleted.

Discussed: kittens with backpacks. Discussed: would you sit on Shia at a Walgreens? Discussed: Keanu is probably depressed right now, perhaps still in the future. Discussed: Erica's plans to murder me via time machine and a cold. Discussed: best thing that happened to me in 2007 - LOLcats or Jesse?



  1. sounds like an awesome weekend!!!

    i was in the city with my boy and omg rockefeller center was creeeazzzzy! (but i love the decorations at christmastimeeee)

    happy moonday!

  2. haha! dude, let us know when you're in the city! btw, we're having a holiday party next weekend if you're around!!

  3. lolkittehs pooping rainbowz > your boyfs pooping air on our couch

  4. dags, you raise a compelling argument.

  5. omg I LOVE CHRISTIAN BALE! omgomgomg
    i know every song in newsies + dance...every spit drip in little women...every ab line in american psycho...i've seen almost every movie he has been in (minus 1 or 2...damn hard to find copies!). my obsession...the only person i would ever rape if i saw him in public...

  6. jessica! why do you have to blow up my spot with the freeze frame comment?!

    i kid. and, agreed...christian bale is the ultimate man of all times.

  7. emily - yeah, bale is def top five. also, christy knows every spit he makes in LW, too. HA. and jesse may have seen him at LAX when i was there, but i refuse to confirm because i don't want to know that i missed him.

    decks - it's what i do.