Sunday, December 9, 2007

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes.

Smiling Like I Mean It
[songs that make me smile no matter what.]

5. "Just a Girl" - No Doubt. I don't think this song will ever get old to me. I remember jumping around in my room to this when I was in middle school. Who can forget that bouncing guitar that starts the song? It's the only song I will do karaoke to. In one of my graphic design classes in college we had to take the first thirty seconds of a song and translate it into a magazine spread - I obviously chose this song. Also, hearing this song live gets me every time; Gwen tends to sing, "Fuck you! I'm a girl!" near the end and it's always my favorite moment of a No Doubt concert (um, yeah, I do that in my karaoke rendition, too, whatever). And when my iPod is on shuffle, and I hear this song, I just want to start singing at the top of my lungs. It just makes me so happy. Sometimes I want to start jumping up and down wherever I am. Trust me, it's hard not to.

FYI: get fucking stoked because No Doubt's coming out with an album in 2008. Just sayin'.

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