Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chase this light with me.

Our view, December 31 2007

I'm trying to slow down. The last two weeks of 2007 were hectic.

As soon as Jesse got back from tour, it was time for Christmas. His dad flew in from California and we headed to the cold and snow-laden hills of Worcester to my family's house. I was happy to be with family and everybody was in good spirits. We watched movies, baked cookies, played cards, and embibed heartily.

On Christmas morning I was proud that my gifts went over so well; it was my first Christmas on salary and with the money to actually buy good stuffs for my loved ones. I got my parents broadway show tickets and a hotel room in NYC for the weekend of their 26th anniversary in March. They were STOKED! The price was steep, but I pretty much owe them for all that I am and all that I've achieved, plus, ya know, "life," so it's well-deserved. I got Jesse some little gifts and then my big gift was a trio of nice button-up shirts that I had tailored to his size (he can't wear them otherwise). He looks fantastic in them.

Whenever he's back from tour, he always brings a bevy of little gifts for me. This time was no different, and for Christmas he also got me the entire series of Friends on DVD (a staple of my adolesence), and a lovely piece of art in two frames. And yet, it was his mere presence during the holidays that I treasured the most.

And back to New York! I had to return to work the day after Christmas (not fun) and the rest of the week flew by. The Pats/Giants game on Saturday was AMAZING - spent at our apartment with Team Geah, some of our Pats friends, and - oh YEAH, a freakin' 52 inch LCD/HD tv with surround sound, courtesy of my guy. Changes lives. Just saying.

Jesse and I headed back to Worcester for a day to pick up my new Queen size bed. All my life, I've slept in a twin bed. Totally serious. Even the last ten months...if you know what I mean. We're SERIOUS cuddlers. [And still are with all that space...BARF! BARF! BARF!] On the way home we veered off 95 to IKEA and got some furniture! Yes, it was my first time ever in an IKEA. But nows I has a bedside table and a giant mirror for my room (something I've always wanted). And our living room has dvd shelves (much needed for my & Erica's devestating collection) and a coffee table.

And then, oh yeah, it was December 31st and it was time for Jiscilla-Angela-Evange-JTJ-Girl Jesse's Roaring Twenties New Year's Eve party! It was a ridiculous night of fun. Jesse got a penthouse room in Manhattan for us and invited a few of our friends over to get into costume together and share some pre-party bubbly. Dressed to the nines, we headed over and the party RULED. Except for those who showed up sans-costume (UGH), it was fun to drink, take pics, and ring in the two-thousand GREAT with some of my favorite people on the planet. I was so happy to have Jesse to kiss at midnight, as meeting him this year was probably the most life-changing thing to happen to me in 2007. Erica DJ'd in the New Year with the first song of '08: "Party in Your Bedroom" by the Consequence. OF COURSE! Also, after Jesse and I retired for the evening, apparently Curbside had some epic "sharing"...which prompts Christy to declare 2008, two-thousand MATE. Brilliant.

Four-fifths of Curbside at the W.

Tootin on my fakey ciggie.

My dapper man.

Sean, little party hat.

Photo credit: El Adam!

Photo credit: Mike

Jiscilla and I, def post-midnight.
Photo credit: Abby
(All others are from Jesse's iPhone! Also: more to come from Jiscilla.
She was running an adorable photobooth that night!)

Credit: Angela

Credit: Angela, but really, I'm sorry.

The first day of the year passed wonderfully, lazily and sans-hangover.

And so, here's the conclusion. (You're so glad, I know.) Jesse > LOLcats. Curbside = Sharing for Points in 2008 (I contribute only 1 point this year, sorry). Also, one last shout-out to the Dagger for introducing me to Google Reader in 2007. Second most life-changing moment.

That is all.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your entriessss

    looks like a truly blessed year.

    so happy for you!! (and jesse)

    please post pics of the new loft esp now that you have real furniture!!!


  2. Truly, truly blessed.

    Post to come with pictures once the place is perfect and clean and with shelves built! :) xo

  3. LOL at tag #1. L.O.L.

    now...couple things...can i pls come hang at your almost-like-new apartment ASAP?

    also, can you please be my official biographer? thx.

  4. YES! You have an open invitation, obvs. Once we get a fully-functioning couch, it will rise again as the the site of many a Curbside sleepover (RIP Cat Piss Couch).

    And, sure, I will write your memoirs for you next year - C. Decks: the New York Years.