Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oh Seven Recap: November & December.

November. Started off with a metal show in BK. House party for Jeff's 30th! Two Dashboard shows. Woodie Awards! Motion City for three dates! Home for Dad's birthday. Motion City Thanksgiving. AMBER HANGS!! Non-vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner with Jesse in Chicago. Ev&Em in Milwaukee. Mpls goodbyes (again). Plane troubles = overnight in Atlanta.


Erica, Kelly, METAL SHOWS!!!


We get paid to make people barf.

December. Hangs on Jiscilla's Island/aka Brit Brit night. Curbside out and about! Jesse still on tour...wins ten grand. Keanu be sending me letters. Kristy visits. Holiday shopping. HOLIDAY PARTY!! (Pics coming, I know, I know...) The return of my man. Christmas in Worcester with my family and his father. Great family fun. Lovely gifts. I so suprised him. (More on this later, too.) And then I started doing all this fucking recapping for my blog.

I just can't leave things unfinished; you get all these posts today. HA.

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