Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So I had to break the window.

Last night Jesse and I met up with Jonah and his friend Jenny to see There Will Be Blood. It was: Extraordinary. Incredible. Mesmerizing. From Daniel Day-Lewis' terrifyingly great performance (as always) to PT Anderson's elegant pacing to Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack...I was blown away. Completely captivated. I won't say more; words won't do it justice.

Except (ha), that even though I was exhausted (from that whole bowling 'til two am/waking up at seven am for work deal of the previous night), when the movie let out three hours later, I couldn't shake its intensity and decided it would be a good tension-releaser to walk a few blocks in the lovely night to meet up with Adam and Sean. Walking in our apartment around three am, I didn't think I'd be able to keep my eyes open another second. But after crawling into bed, we spent another half hour or so talking about There Will Be Blood, PT Anderson, single-artist soundtracks, Daniel Day-Lewis' hands, etc etc's not a forgettable film.

Okay, random statements:

Jesse made me dinner. It was delicious! A+, boyfs, A+.

I don't think I've shared this on my blog yet, but Becca has informed us all that the world is ending on December 21, 2012. I shouldn't have been surprised to see an article in my Google Reader about it.

Also, if you're ever interested in my favorite articles from my Google Reader, I share things on my feed right HERE (which is also on the sidebar of this blog). I love the internets.

Places I visited in 2007 I'd never been to before: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, St. Louis, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara. We all know who's responsible for this.

Last night I also saw a preview for the newest George Clooney starring/directed movie, Leatherheads. I'm interested.

If I had enough money, I'd want to get into comic books. Spiderman (the writers rebooted with a Peter Parker-makes-a-deal-with-the-devil storyline - interested!), X-Men (this, I've always loved), and Wonderwoman (first female head writer ever, or something like that - see, this is why I need to get into them). Could I BE more of a geek? Apparently, with enough money, yes!

Things I am saving up for slash why I can't quite have that comic book obsession yet: a new computer, apartment furnishings, new profesh work clothes, plane tickets to see the boyfs on tour, etc.'s my DO WANT list.

And finally, I am still really effin' tired.


  1. i still spend money on comic books. although, i think the ones i buy are called "graphic novels".

    i am confirmed.

  2. I learn something new about you every day. I can has peek at collection? (Also: still never been to your place)

    Also, was slightly confused by last statement. Thought you were making a Catholic joke.

  3. All of my good old comic from my youth are at my mom's because I didn't have space. You can looks at my new ones!!

  4. You really liked, There will be blood. I saw a really good trailer for it yesterday that got me hyped to see. This was rare I think for Johnny Greenwood since doesn't Anderson usually use Jon Brion. I'll have to trick the mrs. in to seeing it somehow.

    the comics liking came as a curveball. Have you been secretly running underground POG tournaments in BK. I found my old comic stash at my parents over christmas. The nerd was revived.

  5. Comics were sort of my thing when I had money. Start reading anything by Brian Michale Bendis, and be amazed. His take on spiderman will make you fall in love all over again. Also, did you know Spiderman and Mary jane arent married anymore? What!?

  6. Meik - perhaps PT lost Jon Brion in his break-up with Fiona Apple? I still think Brion is brilliant, but the movie would have been completely different had Greenwood not done the score. I want a comic book addiction! Someday.

    James - Dude, I totes heard that Spiderman made a deal with the devil to NOT be married anymore. LAME. Apparently Peter Parker is hooking up all over the place now that he's single. Crazy. Author noted.