Wednesday, January 9, 2008

That's a nice stack !

Finally a night in with the mister. We decided on breakfast-for-dinner and made pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Sooooo good.

-- via hip sooooo lucky top


  1. looks tasty!

    you know if you want to make bacon but don't want your pretty place to stink, just put the pieces on a few pieces of paper towel, cover with more paper towel, and microwave them. not only are they crispy but the paper towels catch a lot of the grease, and your house won't smell.

    my best friend taught me that the last time i made brunch!!!!

  2. That's the way my mom makes bacon! And I loooove the smell of bacon, ha. I totally thought of that, but prefer the greasy love of stove-top cooked bacon. Jesse might prefer his a little more crunchy, though...hmmm....

  3. those pancakes look amazing!

    how DID you make them?

  4. I made them with Bisquick! Little grease on the pan, little batter sizzle, flip over, done. I was impressed I didn't actually burn any and they were all nice and small. HA.