Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fiscal responsibilities.

My co-worker and I were discussing what he should get for his wife for Valentine's Day by looking at the Swarovski site. We decided on this Nirvana Jet Ring in black and he went downstairs to buy it (we work on Madison Ave).

He came back with it, and if I had loved it on the site, on my finger it was FUCKING GORGEOUS. ...And $240.

Ever since I got my salaried job a little less than a year ago, I've had some goals: build out my loft apartment, buy a computer, save money to visit the boyfs, and buy nicer clothes/accessories. I've been able to achieve the first three, but now I think it's time to focus on #4. Well, maybe not right away (still paying off that macbook pro purchase!!) but I figure I could get this ring as a birthday present to myself or something. Also on that list is the PERFECT pair of boots. I haven't found them yet, though. Plus...a great winter coat, perfect jeans, shoes shoes shoes, etc etc etc! I've been scrounging the past couple years; getting by on H&M, Target and clearance racks for the most part. I feel dowdy.

I'll start shopping soon; when I cease feeling guilty about it. I hated going shopping for a long time because I had to exercise A LOT of restraint. Now I can't wait wait wait...it's in reach!


  1. ...take me with you! I can't afford shopping for myself and shopping for other people, gives me the same joy!

  2. Hey, I "get by" on Target, so no shame in that game. They carry decent clothes these days. :)

  3. becca - i deem you my personal stylist forthwith.

    jason - they DO carry decent clothes! but, jason, come be a girl in NYC...during fashion week...and wear just target. not that you have to get some marc jacobs for your trip or anything... :)

  4. The only fashion I know is what I see on Bravo! Long live Santino! :)

  5. that ring is AMAZING! I hope you get it!