Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Notes on my ever-growing nerdiness.

On my trip to Panama, I finished reading Adam's Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year 100. I am now totally into the Batman series. Even my dad, who ran out of books to read (missed connection in Miami), decided to borrow them and loved them. Yesterday, I got a package from Rick containing more Batman! I'm currently reading another Frank Miller book, The Dark Knight Strikes Again (above). Also included were The Long Halloween, and Watchmen - a book I'd heard about only because they're making it into a movie. I'm stoked!

In other news, in an attempt to actually post pictures of my clean, lovely room (Emily!), I tried...cleaning. I did THREE loads of laundry and was well on my way to having my room completely organized, but then Sean and James came over and begged and begged me to play poker, and well, I can't say no to the poor chaps begging, right? I lost anyway, on a great hand played by James. (I took out Sean.) In summary, room = not clean. And tonight I'm going to TRAINWRECK, so my organizing and continued shelf-building will have to be put off until Wednesday.

I had lovely talks with Hawaii last night, and though I dearly miss him and he'll be away for a bit longer...I still fell asleep with a smile on my face. Totally swooning like I just met him yesterday.


  1. AH! some of my favorite ones right there, i never read the second Frank Miller Batman though, i should really get around to that.

    Also, I'm afraid that the Watchman movie is gonig to blow, but the book is sooooo good.

  2. The 2nd Frank Miller Batman is pretty good, but I think I liked the first one better already.