Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a random proximity thing.


Not cool: only seeing up to 10pm of the Grammy telecast because of the stupid and confused cable box. I was actually enjoying the show!

Not cool: Jesse in Hawaii. Me in negative wind chill New York.

Not cool: said confused cable box not recording Rock of Love?! Whats a goin on?!

Into: people with blogs. (See list on left!)

Not cool: Monday mornings. The L Train. Late to work.

Pretty sweet: Saturday night dance party provided by Nick Hook @ Huggs in Brooklyn with my CURBSIDE. Appreciating a weekend party in BK! Sleepovers/ Apartment dance parties/ raptor walk to a beat.

Not cool: DJ dude (not Nick Hook) who promised to play us "Just a Girl," then didn't. We peaced.

Way cute: The latest Motion City Soundtrack video for "It Had to Be You"! I'll make a post later when I don't have "restricted access" at work. Infomercial + face changes of the band members as cut outs = adorable.

Awesome: Plans with Jesse when he gets back next month (!!!)

Props to Erica: watching Twin Peaks the show...INTO IT. Log Lady, ftw.

Made me swoon/will make you barf: emails from Jesse. They all make me grin ear to ear.

Props to TV Critics/Rick: Pushing Daisies!!!! Last year when it premiered, Rick told me to set Pushing Daisies to record, and I totally ignored him because ANTM was on Wednesdays (duh). Well, I admit I was wrong. I watched one episode last night, the first one, and I am HOOKED. Currently downloading two and three to watch asap. The TV Critics board or something just put out their semi-annual list of the best shows on television and PD was numero uno. One word for this show: CUTE. And I kind of need some cute after a weekend of Twin Peaks. Also, Rick, I totally remember Anna Friel from A Midsummer Night's Dream, but she's like a freakin' long-lost Deschanel sister. Not that that's a bad thing.


  1. I don't remember what channel pushing daisies is on, but if you go to that stations website you can watch the episodes on there. I'm kinda obsessed with watching tv on the internet.

  2. The internet is AMAZING! I'm using a torrent-site, and I actually already have all nine episodes downloaded (I have to leave my mac at home all day, so this is what it does ha)