Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nestopia watching the Grammys.

Ryan Ross looks like a lesbian...also, he looks like Amanda Bynes dressed like a boy in that movie She's the Man.


  1. whoah. he really does look like amanda bynes. good call!

    ps guess who just got a blargh!

    pps i think you and i are the only ones not in hawaii. at least i think i heard youre not there? i suppose i could be wrong, and that would leave me as the only one not in hawaii. and i didnt even get an invite. those jerks.

  2. BETH!

    yay for blogs! srsly, so stoked that you have one.

    i'm totally NOT in hawaii either and hating it. BOO. sitting here freezing while they're on the beach.

    off to read your blog ...ha

  3. that is one of the funniest things ive seen.

    also. i missed the grammys. why did no one tell me that they were on last night?

  4. dex, fyi, we definitely talked about it sunday morning. jiscilla was asking what time it was love sleepovers.

    also, i'm pissed bc our cable went out at 10pm. WTF?! I missed amy winehouse...i just wanted to see a trainwreck performance, hullo. all the performances i saw were pretty good though! sans fergie, but whatevs.