Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Okay, I'm totally in love with this show Pushing Daisies, which I mentioned a few posts back. I've been catching up on episodes, and I just finished the one that had a guest-appearance by one Mr. Joel McHale. This show makes me seriously swoon.

Basically this guy (Ned) has a "gift" that he can bring dead things to life with his touch - he just can't touch them again after they're alive. This is quite a conundrum because the dude brings back his childhood sweetheart after she's been murdered and they kind of hit it off again. Her name is Chuck (short for Charlotte Charles)... and they are totally in love and can't touch each other! It's quite intriguing and not as depressing as it sounds. The whole thing tends to be flighty and fun. It's Tim Burton-esque, except minus the goth.

Quotes I loved from the last episode:

Ned: The only reason I didn't tell you is because it didn't mean anything. Lots of stuff happens in the course of a day that I don't bother sharing. For instance, yesterday's four-berry pie was actually three and a half because I ran out of cranberries. I didn't tell you that.
Chuck: Actually you did. You asked if orange counted as a berry and I said it didn't, but no one had to know but us.
Ned: I like that you said "us."


Ned: You're the only one for me.
Chuck: I know you feel that now, but there are things you want, there's things we both want.
Ned: So? Everyone wants stuff. We wake up everyday with a list of wishes a mile long and maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true, but just because we want them doesn't mean we need them to be happy.
Chuck: What do you need to be happy?
Ned: You.

Okay, my sycophantic post does little justice to how good the show is. I'd get into it if you like stuff that's whimsical and makes you smile. Trust.


  1. I LOVE Pushing Daisies. <3<3<3

    I especially love the narration. So radically different, and yet it totally works.

  2. ive never seen it, but i remember when all the new shows were about to come out...the editor for tv guide came in to do a presentation giving a synopsis of each new show. he was predicting which shows would be cancelled and telling his faves...and this was it!

    you have good taste, my friend.

  3. dex - it took you this long to figure that out?! hahaha srsly, this show's already been picked up for another season and i'm STOKED on it. new fave. if you couldn't tell.