Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drinks! Girls! Laughs!

-- via hip guest dj the pope top


  1. awww this pics are adorable. you have such a fun little life :)

  2. ang - thank you! sidekick phone pics :) and i'm truly truly grateful for my fun little life and all the people in it. no lie, i thank God every day for it.

    mysticgypsy - it's a clandestine industries shirt. erica designs for them, so she gets stuff like that free in the mail! it's a sweet shirt - i think you can buy it online!

  3. I like that shirt too.

    And I'm just glad this wasn't a post with you two acting all lovey-dovey.

    I kid!

  4. drinking with the girls can never go wrong!!

  5. becca - it was hilarious; i love that you're obsessed with the pope and all things papal.

    chris - would you still like that shirt if you knew that pete wentz of fall out boy designed it? i'd say you wouldn't. and the barftime has relented...for the time being.

    chele - you're right! always fun!

  6. ooooh, a boy who wouldn't be embarassed to wear fall out boy-tainted stuff? NICE.

    You can buy it online, it's a men's tee: http://clandestineindustries.seenon.com/detail.php?p=36445&v=ci-shirts