Wednesday, March 26, 2008


After the fun night of conversation with the girls over drinks, I came home last night too tired to function much. However, I was pulled into Jesse's game of poker with Sean, James, and Adam. I ended up coming in second and got some cashish! But then I had to get up at seven am like every morning, and I'm lying in bed now unable to stop yawning. I did get my ring back this afternon! It looks as lovely as ever. I then attempted (and failed) to do my taxes and just sat glassy-eyed watching ANTM. So this post is all I can muster at the moment.


  1. Bleh... taxes. I forgot about those. Never any fun. But at least you had a fun night out and made some money honey!!!

  2. Gah. Taxes. I had to pay so much money this year it was ridiculous. Long story... It's over now but I'm (obviously) still so bitter.

  3. We can all agree taxes suck. I SHALL CONQUER THEM TONIGHT!!!