Thursday, March 27, 2008

Man it feels good to feel this way.

I got some great sleep last night, finally. Sorry for the groggy posting. It makes little sense even to me. I woke up this morning feeling ready for the day! You know what's a great way to start the day? With The Matches' song "Wake the Sun." Walking to the subway, I was totes smiling. And also, I'll admit it, I listened to the Panic at the Disco album today and I thoroughly enjoy it's Beatles-ness. I was smiling as I got off the subway listening to "Nine in the Afternoon." I was like in a '70s sitcom title sequence, but WHATEVER. Smile smile smile I'm happy shut up la la la music smile smile smile. <------- my usual disposition.

Moving on!

So in all the good cheer of the past couple of weeks, there have been some oddities. People who couldn't muster enough sincerity to sound genuine about their congrats, and a particular non-friend that I haven't talked to for years (complicated) sending me best wishes. Weird. So, after talks with my closest, I've decided to no longer entertain the "because I have to" well wishes or even quote-unquote friendship of the former. The latter remains un-replied to. It's too strange to consider at the moment. (Apologies for my cryptic writing here.)

I found this online and I think it's cute...and I don't know what they are or their actual size. I'll go with bowls.

Tonight I really should work on my taxes. But there's also a poker game afoot...(afoot, really?) I'm delighted to think about the promises of weekend relaxation.

And I'll end with a litte barftime...Reason #8392 I'm marrying him: he did all my laundry yesterday while I was at work. And I abhor doing laundry.


  1. wowowowow LAUNDRY?!?!

    what a catch!

  2. oh my gosh! I love listening to music on my ipod and pretending it's theme music. Wake the Sun is def a perfect way to start! good choice!
    I'm not quite sure how I feel of the new Panic yet. I wasn't a fan of the other one, but I do like this one better. I'm sure after hearing them play live though for 3 months straight I will either love the cd or despise it. time will tell.

    I can't believe you're not done with taxes yet!!

  3. Sabrina - Yeah, he loves doing laundry and I hate it. Hellooooo, husband. ;)

    Beth - I like this Panic record a lot more, though there are a couple of skipper songs. I have to have a few more listens...and I've never seen them live, so I'm looking forward to seeing them on this tour! I WILL CONQUER MY TAXES TONIGHT!!! Way too much going on in the last month!

  4. Those little bowls are SO CUTE. I'd put candy in them. Kisses, specifically.

  5. If those bowls are kind of small, I'd totally use them to put my jewelery in. I think it would be cute!

    Also, you got yourself a keeper!

  6. renee - kisses! good idea!!

    jamie - jewelry is also great. but i found the pic on a random blog and have no idea where or what. and, yes, i think i shall keep him for life :)

  7. I assumed that the ADORES little bowls were what you carry the wedding rings down the isle in ( I picture them to be minz).

    Also I don't get the not liking laundry gene. Its clearly the best chore. And by best, I do mean least-bad.

  8. you owe me an email lady
    stop slacking ;)

  9. I want those cup bowl thingies! I love the color. Is that Tiffany blue? I've yet to get used to the Macbook's LCD. :|

  10. laundry? please. dude needs to step his game up...I do that shit EVERY time while Alana is at work. ONCE ain't gonna cut it...

    hit me in 6 months when he's done it at least 10 more times. then we can talk!

    tell alana to give me credit for doing laundry while she's at work cuz I never get it....oh and ask her who picks up her dry cleaning.


  11. dex - that i an excellent guess!! i love that! laundry just sucks here because it costs money. doing laundry at home is soooo much easier, given free washer and dryer. well, free for me.

    emily - ah! totes do. will try to email you soon.

    lisa - i think it's tiffany blue? after being on a pc all day, i love coming home to my mac LCD!!

    dimitry - jesse has done my laundry several times. not just when i work...he's stayed up til 530 am because a broken dryer didn't dry my clothes! - fact! also, alana should totes give you credit :) see you&alana tomorow for dinz!