Thursday, March 27, 2008

In regards to Pretty. Odd.

I listened to the Panic album again on the way home. I've decided I really dig track nine, "Pas de Cheval." (I don't know what it means, and I don't want to google it.) Anyway, while I was listening to it, I was totally imagining The Oneders (or The Wonders, whatevs) from That Thing You Do! singing it. It makes me want to snap my fingers and twirl around in a big skirt.

I think that Beatles-esque rock is going to be coming out of all these emo and rock and pop bands in the near future. Not just because of Panic's latest effort, though. I mean, Adam Schlessinger of Fountains of Wayne who wrote the songs for The Wonders in the film also worked on Motion City Soundtrack's latest, which has all those lovely hand-claps and "oohs." The film Across the Universe brought the sixties and the Beatles to a younger generation late last year. And Schlessinger is working next with (drumroll please) Dashboard Confessional! This is just my theory on future sounds.

Also, you can buy Panic and MCS' latest together on today for a special price! At least that's what it said when I was checking the track name on Panic's page.

I do enjoy happy music.


  1. Beatles-esque pop is totally coming back, although gotta say, not diggin' new Panic at all. But I'm glad good music is at least influencing people.

    PS: Girl, I just read back a page or two on your blog and totes saw you took in Spring Awakening. Ahh, how'd you like it?

  2. I think some of the songs on Panic are just okay, but I'm enjoying the feel of it...being as that other stuff just seems so weighty now.

    I lurved Spring Awakening! I totally thought of you!!! Even though your friend isn't in it anymore. LOVE.

  3. Hi! Just a lurker here but Ive just got to say I love your blog. Its very amusing.

    Im not a Panic fan but the new cd is quite entertaining. Its starting to grown on me but MCS's latest still tops my list of faves.

    Congrats with the engagement :)

    - Rhea.

  4. Rhea - thank you! Welcome to the blog :) Yay! I'm so glad you like MCS!

  5. ooh will have to check it out, thx, i love discovering new music

  6. I'm kind of a nerd and my mom made me take tap dancing classes when I was a kid and for that I know that "Pas De Cheval" is actually a tap dance move.

    I wish I didn't know that :)

    I don't know how I'm feeling about the new Panic. "That Green Gentlemen" which I think is # 5 is growing on me like woah.

    And ew taxes are the WORST. I owe such a disgusting amount. Boo.

    Happy Friday!

  7. yeah I think Pas de Cheval is my fave, still not too into the cd yet though. In french it translates to something like "not horse" "not of horse" i dunno. 5+ years of french, and I still aint got it.

  8. Chele - if you love discovering new music check out Motion City (my fiance's band!) and The Matches! They're amazing!!! Srsly.

    Kristen - Thanks for the info! It's growing on me too....

    Beth - There's like four songs I really like, but the others I think I'll need to grow into if anything. I love the first two songs together, hate the 3rd, and like Pas de Cheval. That's all I know. Ha :)

  9. That Thing You Do is one of my FAVE movies of ALL time! It just makes me happy! :)