Friday, March 21, 2008

Great Friday.

Good news: I got out of work early and came home to shower (thus the reason for my blowdried poofy hair)! Me and the fiancee are now headed to Penn Station to be at my parents house for the holiday weekend. Apparently they're going to give us a talk about marriage.

Related & frequently asked question: Did Jesse ask my dad for my hand in marriage?

Answer: From Japan in February, Jesse hand-wrote my father a six-page letter. He bought nice paper, and even a nice pen. He anxiously awaited a reply for a week. When my dad did reply, he said, "If you can convince her, then welcome to the family."

If you can convince her...



  1. This may be super random but I stumbled upon your blog one day and became hooked on your love trials and tribulations.

    Congrats on the engagement and your dads comment made me lol. Oh and your ring is GORGEOUS!

  2. akdjfdkjfk! that whole thing with jesse asking your dad is the cutest thing ever. i'm not going to lie - i'm obsessed with you two and your ridiculous level of cuteness right now

  3. Ah haha, I love this. First of all, the buying of the nice paper and pen is adorable. But your dad's answer? classic.

    ps- you two are SO cute.

  4. that is so original and sweet with the letter, what a great memory to keep.

  5. Aww Congrats to you both it's so sweet.
    And him asking your Dad by pen and paper the old fashioned way is adorable.
    Have a good Easter weekend with the family, including the new member.

  6. ha! how awesome!!!!

    will you be allowed to ever read that letter from the boy?

  7. kristen - welcome to le blog! :) thank you, too!

    alana - HA! okay, well, i'm obsessed with your dogs. and dimitry with your dogs. i would get dogs and take pictures of jesse with said dogs, but i think that addish to this blog would make everybody severely sick.

    lindsay - not gonna lie, v. v. hard to do. i can't believe i am so lucky.

    nicole antoinette - thank you! my parents never thought i'd entreat the thought of marriage, i was so cynical about meeting somebody i could put up with for life. but, whaddya know...

    chele - i know! it's so cute!

    cici - it does! i had lost faith in it for a while before meeting fact, i met him during my "anti-dudes month." not lying.

    toni - thanks!

    sabrina - i'm totally allowed to read both letters...but...i don't think i could take it right now, i would just start weeping by the first line. i'll save them for later, i think. :)